Im "He Who Should Not Be Named" - have the T-Shirt?

Who on ARRSE has ordered a Harry T-Shirt

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  • Who is Harry? - This is a resounding No

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  • Not Yet but Point me in the direction of the Harry Site and I will Do!

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How many on ARRSE now have the T-Shirt? I received my order of two yesterday, the XL really is 'XL'! so, make sure you're either a regular gym abuser or a fat barsteward if you are going to order this size 8)

These fellas are giving 25% of all proceeds to the ABF...

For those who have yet to discovery the phenomenon that is "I'm Harry" go Here:

I'm Harry

Poll added above the thread...

Mods - Can you sticky this for these fellas, I also suggested they sponsor a forum to help their ABF cause...

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