Im having a fag!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sparky8, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Not really sure where to post this so here goes and apologies if it should be in QM's.

    Driving down the A303 this afternoon I overtook a packet of AAC guys obviously on the way back to Middle Wallop. As I overtook the rear vehicle the side window opened and the passenger flicked some ash from his fag. I looked in and both he and the driver were both puffing away. Now I know that we have said for years that you shouldn't smoke in a vehicle but its pretty much ignored when lads are on a long move. My question is, if I had been a Cop and had seen someone in a "company" vehicle albeit a military one, could they have pulled them over and given them a fine? & If so has this been made aware to the lads and lasses on the ground?
  2. God knows....anyone got a light?
  3. The rule is obeyed at my unit, generally.

    Smoking is a cause of dissent for me, i gave up, you see.

    If it says "No Smoking" don't bloody well smoke!
  4. Do you know, I think technically they could. It's a 'place of work' after all but surely it's an RMP thing and the civ pol would be more likely to ignore or notify RMP.

    I support the smoking ban but it will be a very sad day when two guys on a vehicle move who both smoke can't have a tab out of the window from fear of prosecution. It's a bit much in my view and surely common sense would come into play.
  5. A guy at work was pulled last week by Cumbria Police for smoking in a hire car (ID'd from the company logo in the rear window), he was given a verbal warning and a lecture from the plod. A mate in the local force has stated his force policy is not to stop a vehicle just for a smoking driver.
  6. Vehicles provided by a company are classed as places of work and smoking is banned in them. Yes, the cops could have pulled them over and fined them. On a similar point, do military vehicles now have no smoking signs inside them as company cars are obliged to do?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Hasn't smoking always been banned in military vehicles?

    Anyway, when you have finished your fag, make sure you stick your butt out of the window.

  8. Every vehicle on our fleet has now been issued with a big feck off no smoking sticker - pity there's nowhere to stick them that isn't over an airbag (which is a big no-no).

    I know that HGV drivers were affected by this and before the ban came into effect in England a trucker could be nicked for smoking as soon as he rolled over the Scots border.

    I'm waiting for the ban on farting in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace.
  9. Surely if you squeeze it out over at least 4 notes it counts as entertainment! :D
  10. Yes, it's not allowed and anyone stupid enough to get caught should be reprimanded accordingly (for getting caught).

    Simple carry out 5 and 20's be discreet and don't get caught.
  11. Whew... was thinking this thread was going to be NAFFI material until I remembered your slang...
  12. Yes, "smoking a fag" doesn't quite go down the same, over there.
  13. Then they'll charge you £80 for a licence to perform in public.
  14. It may be your place of work,but if you are the sole driver of the said vehicle all the time and no one else is with you smoking is allowed.As for military vehicles,you were never allowed to smoke.But no one gave a rats @ss.
  15. Im a copper and I for one could not give a toss who smokes and where, and the day I get sent to reports of folks smoking where they should'nt be is the day I jack this shite then i can have a tab in peace!