Im gonna take my Oath soon....

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Tom_Thumb, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. To be selfish every once in a while I have made a thread purley about me....but hope all the other newbies can find it helpful.

    I'm soon to take my oath of allegiance soon and would like some tips (other than to pronounce 'heirs' - 'airs' lol).
    Specifically amonst others, I would like to know whether I should dress formal...and how serious this oath thing should be taken.

    Please include some advice, hints or tips for the coming days therafter (basic training).

    I would highly appreciate only serious replies to this thread.
    ...but I kinda know what you Arrsers are like.

    kind regards,

  2. try not to giggle
  3. Think about the implications of what you are saying, so when you are crouched behind sparse cover with and Iraqi gentleman loosing off 7.62 pieces of metal at you, you can remember why you are there. That should focus the mind. And remember, it is the start of one of the greatest adventures of your life.
  4. don't cross your fingers or it won't count!
  5. Say your an atheist.

    No religion on your your records = No Sunday chrch parade

    Worked for me

    SK :D
  6. Very nicely said NAP6W if I may say so! last bit on greatest adventures of your life,class bit of post.
    My Oath taken July '75' and still hold it dear to me!!
  7. Dangerous. First church parade I attended was "When I say move, CofE turn to the right, Roman Catholics to the left, aetheists - Stand Still!" All those standing still went off to do PT. Weren`t too many atheists on the next one.

    Oh, and don`t forget to roll up your left trouser leg.
  8. Im not due to take my oath just yet but I have dicussed my religion with my recruiter. Agnostic, thinking outside the box :wink:

  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Now there's a Oath for you :evil:

    Or on the subject of Church Parades "ROAM OUT THE FALLEN CATHOLICS" :lol:
  10. Memorise your Regimental Number so when you say your Oath you don't have to refer to a flash card 8)
  11. To answer your question, I did mine the other day. Jeans, T-shirt, Trainers. Read the oath like you dont give a rats arrse. Get paperwork. Sod off. Not much of an occassion really.
  12. I take my oath on the 19th of April start Basic on the 24th. I just got my Army number today too.

    Dress smart, taking the oath should (apparently) be a very proud day

    As for Basic, the advice I have been given is, head down, ears open and watch who you keep company with and just get on with it.
  13. Heres some advice ... trust no one....
  14. Are we to trust that advice or not. Ooh it's a paradox.
  15. Are you surprised, really?