i'm gone..

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex-dvr, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. right nlife is shite so time to change... will be in touch ..one day so fcuk off your all nearly as boring aS ME...BUT NOT QUITE..
  2. That'll be ex on the industrial strength nail varnish remover!

    See you soon mate. Chin up. :wink:
  3. whats up with ex-dvr?
  4. Auntie stella visited, nothing to worry about :D
  5. He is old, a jock, lives in Stafford and is on the dole.

    And I thought I had problems :p :p :p :p
  6. you forgot, fat bald and ginger :D
  7. Sh1t he's in that bad a state. A sideways watch roster will be posted in due course. 8O

    Second thoughts it might be the best thing for the poor old bloke
  8. Has anyone heard from Dvr since his last post above?
  9. chated on MSN - Pissed off with life and looking for a change of Direction. Good Bloke - Helped me out once - Wished him the best
  10. Say hello from me, and everyone else. There must be loads of seasonal jobs out there at the mo? Feek, even worked the 'run up to Xmas' shift at Tescos to make ends meet !! And the money was excellent !
  11. ex-dvr is a good bloke your right. He is ok, on the waggon and even though his account got drowned in auntie stella, will be back with a vengeance !! :D
  12. Hope he comes back soon. I think I speak for quite a few regulars on here that he is sorely missed at the moment.

    Hurry back farty breath.

  13. You don't speak for me, he is a bald, ginger, brummie, jock puff and hasn't paid for those crimes.

    He also bumped uglies with BB after Flash.... a crime punishable by death.

    Hurry up back old timer, we are running out of people to mock :D
  14. Knowing ex-dvr very well...
    He will be resuming services shortly, he is having a break from the easy life and gone to seek fruitful employment..... he is robbing the upstanding citizens of the Capital city down in london's underground..

    Just got an update ..he says couldn't find any, only refugees, immigrants druggies and drunks.
  15. The wrinkly old bloke smoker will be right at home then :D