Im going to be rich

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by oldbaldy, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Lucky me :D
  2. You'll have to fight me for it - he emailed me first
  3. i will think you will find. that i have got the same email a week ago its a con.

    i sent an email back.sayin

    fcukoff you cnut.

    not had anything back since.
  4. Mmm, how does this one work again? Send me all your bank account & personal details so I can clear you out & nick your identity, you gullible kn*b" How stupid do these people think we are?
  5. Is it? :eek:
  6. Thank fcuk you warned us its a con, you've saved us all our life fortunes and I hope you get recognition from fellow ARRSERS. :roll:
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Thank god you told me I might have been caught out. :roll:
  8. Actually the email doesn't ask for bank details. Perhaps the con is in getting people to call the number? Probably a premium rate number of some sorts.

    A variation of a con in the far east perpertrated by people in China - your mobile rings in the middle of night. You call back and the person on the other keeps you in conversation - conversation ends with apologies for calling the wrong number.

    Cue heart attack when the bill comes in the post.
  9. I think you owe him a pint. :)
  10. You may well have still been conned. Luckily Uncle Crabby is here to help you out.

    The people that send these e-mails are very intelligent. The e-mail reads the chocolate chip cookies on your computer, has a chat with the RAM and works all out of your bank account details. It then sends this back to the e-mail in an encrypted signal that is very hard to block.

    To prevent this scammer walking away with your money if you pm me all your account details I can set up a block so only you can access your money and not the scammer. I'll need sort code, account number, account name, any internet numbers, passwords, passcodes, secret words and mother's maiden name.

    You're lucky I'm here, otherwise you could be caught out. Anyone else who has been sent this e-mail pm me with your details and I'll make sure you're safe :D
  11. PMing my details straight over to you now Crabby, your a wonderful citizen and a gentleman. These chocolate chip cookies on the computer arent the hazelnut ones are they as my friend has a nut allergy so Id better tell him not to touch the computer anymore.
  12. NO NO NO, you guys are going about this the wrong way

    visit for some tips and amusing stories, with some good pic galleries
  13. Are you sure it is a scam?

    Seylvester Prince seems like such an honest name! :wink:

    Worst thing is, there are people out there that will respond to this sort of BullSh1t thinking it is genuine, probably of the chav origin! So not such a bad thing i suppose. :twisted:

  14. But that way, The scammers still end up getting our money!

  15. When I was a student I'd get one of these a week, easy. Anyone with a '.ac' email addy is targeted, apparently because students are gullible (or would do anything for a quick buck - I would have). Someone must have come a cropper of this kind of thing, why else would the people responsible keep it up?

    P.S My mate gave me ten million Easter Island Schinerrps that I need laundering into someones bank account, I'm prepared to pay out half for the trouble, just think...five million Schinerrps! :wink: Bank details etc to my PM, luvverly jubberly!