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I'm going to a railway gala tomorrow, what does this mean?

Lots of diesel locos with flags and lights and things. Some steam to get the old 'uns wet and overpriced curly sarnies and pork pies. Normally a good day if you're interested in deep throated diesels roaring away in the background. Adopt a Fred Dibnah voice, like, and just look as if you are enjoying it. :cool:
The Severn Valley Railway has an excellent station bar at each end of the line. The Railwayman's Arms in Bridgnorth, and the Kings and Castle in Kidderminster. If nothing else you can expect a decent pint.
Enjoyed in a laid back way, a good day looking at a slice of our railway heritage.

Just avoid the Dibnah clones and obsessives, who'll drive you to self-harm if they can corner you. Usually good scran stands at these types of event.
Unnecessary pollution and an unacceptable increase in carcinogenic particulate in the air from burning hundreds of tons of heavy diesel for nothing.

This has been a party political post on behalf of the green party.
I'll add that I know this because in my pre-navy days I volunteered there (on the steam ones) and am still a member of said railway. Not there this weekend - live a way away these days.
Thanks for all the replies.

In a bizarre sort of a way, I am looking forward to it. Used to be a trainspotter 50 odd years ago, I'm just glad no-one said that by attending I would develop deviant homosexual tendencies.

If I survive and feel inclined in the slightest, I may report back.

Wish me luck as I go over the top.
Quailty beer, quality cakes, in fact quality scran generally, the heady smell of diesel exhaust and that lovely noise made by old Sulzer engines.

Tempted to go myself other than having to work this weekend


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