im going into the recruiting office tomorrow

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by arronmike, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. ive got a packed lunch ready and waiting,a fresh pair of socks and pants,but the only tie i have a is a bow tie,would it be alright to wear it on a ben sherman shirt? the only other thing im gonna bring is an apple so i can eat it there,what else should i bring?
  2. Fuck off and die.
  3. nope why dont you
  4. I somehow think your a scourge on society, wonder if Mr Pierrepoint does house calls? If not why don't you just jump out of the loft suspended from the neck.
  5. i dont live in a loft,and that guys been dead for 20 years
  6. This cock is just a medal hunter,been here 2 mins and 2 medals,I reckon if the MODS were to remove his/her/its medals ,it might just stop.HOPEFULLY.
  7. thank you for recognising my bravery fellow soldier,i got one of them for fighting of a group of trolls while i was pinned down,with no covering fire,right blaze of glory it was

    the other is for achieving god status
  8. I suggest nobody gives this fcuktard any advice it actually might use.
  9. Actually I'd like to ask IT a question.
    Are you looking for a job?
    Can you work under pressure?
    Are you willing to travel?
    If so please apply to join the RAC, 'cos they are looking for Track Pads.

    Aah, just had a thought, maybe the test to become a Track Pad is too difficult for you but all is not lost, you could join as ALERT, the Army always needs LERTS.
    Now piss off back down the Shit Hole you emerged from.