Im going for a walk, I may be some time...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. i'm off to the UK for some work-related stuff, so will be mostly off these means for the next five weeks or so. may have sporadic internet access, but won't be able to keep on top of locking all those "me wantz to join da Intel Core" threads.

    will pop in when i can but it won't be a lot. play nice while dad is gone :D
  2. Thank fuck for that. :)
  3. CR: how duz i getz into intcorr, innit?
  4. Quick, everyone in England!........

  5. Come and say hello, CR!
  6. Before Nurse TMA chips in, from Mrs sicknote's bedside:

    Want to buy a tractor?

    we also have chain-saws on offer this week
  7. Quick where's the crayons to?
  8. 5 weeks ?

    About the average period for a decent Court Martial ! :D
  9. 5 weeks for a decent DCM provided he has a good defence. Is that really on the cards??
  10. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    So now we can really get to discuss sheds.
  11. Very quickly, wanted to show everyone my new "shed" :D :D

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  12. why, where are you?
  13. 5 Weeks- isn't that how long it takes to be treated for certain "social" ailments - or a spell in the Priory recovering from "stress".

    Alternatively he has wangled a 5 week bender in the "Oliver Reed" mode.

    Fortunately we have no visits scheduled for the next 5 weeks that could possible be CR, so our pies are at least safe.
  14. You are so kind and thoughtful! Do enjoy your sabatical in the UK!
  15. gosh, don't the tongues wag. :)

    i'm attending a service inquiry, no big deal. pies may be endangered in the aldershot area, but outlying regions should be safe.