im getting married

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by infnewbie, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. hi everyone i am getting married in august and i was just wondering if there are any people on here who are based at weeton barracks. i was just after some info really to make the move a bit less scary!
  2. Do her up the arsse and then leave her
  3. i am a woman marrying a man so that is impossible
  4. Best advice i can offer DONT DO IT, run as far and fast as you can...
  5. ah but slight proplem there as i do want to do it. genuine advice please.
  6. what i can do him up the arrse?? i believe you require a certain piece of anatomy to do that i dont. you said do her up the arrse then leave her which makes me think you think a bloke started this thread.
  7. infnewbie, you might want to post this query on Rear Party too.
  8. hiya dozybint i have but there is no one on there that has much info on weeton and i thought i could get advice from blokes that have been/are on there but all you get are bum comments!
  9. infnewbie, try posting this in the NAAFI bar. So there is no confusion open thread by explaining you are a woman, and what you are wearing.
  10. Take your pick from here: CLICKY

    Well your username begins with "inf" and only fellas can join the Infantry, so it wasn't a totally random assumption!

    Well yes - welcome to the wonderful world of ARRSE! :D
  11. well then lets start again! i am a woman who is getting married to an infantry guy (which is why i have put my username as infnewbie as i will be a new infantry wife) who is currently in the stan but based at weeton barracks near blackpool. i was wondering if anyone can tell me about the barracks like what amenities there are, what the quarters are like etc....
  12. Dozy,
    You are DEFINATELY my kind of girl. What are you wearing and do you mind if I soil it?
  13. My addy is dont eat too much of that stuff that suppresses your sex drive - its called wedding cake!!!! other wise you may be divorced soon :D
  14. i dont like wedding cake! and nothing could suppress my sex life with my oh!