I'm feeling inadequate

Just don't think my arrse is wide enough.

There should be a pic up in the gallery soon so you can judge for yourselves, but really, what should I do?

Use padding, or just eat more chocolate and pork pies?


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WannabeSTABgal -

Eat more pies, or even better I am told that if you swallow everything that get's put in your mouth, the pounds will soon roll on (and in, if you're careful).

Oddly enough, though, it seems to work in reverse when you get married :(
Agent_Smith said:
Get us a nice pic of your arrse and we will be sure to tell you if it is worthy! :D :D
Which part of 'there should be a pic up in the gallery soon' is confusing you? Feel free to bother the moderators to put it up there by all means.

Real shame I didn't borrow a pair of C95 trousers for the occasion, but I'm sure you can all imagine what that'd look like.

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