'i'm ex-mil' senior copper caught shoplifting

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by agoodgrouping, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. But surely many (Max) Factors come into play here?
  2. Well I d splurge my mess on her tits any day!!
  3. WTF? I mean WTF? I can only assume that Roger Irrelevant is now working on the news desk at the DT.
  4. "After being appointed chief of Medway, she said: "I come from the military, it is a male dominated environment, so I can work very well with my male colleagues."

    good old Chavham.
  5. A rouge copper.
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  6. nick nick and then down the nick to get nicked!;-)
  7. There you go. Just for you.

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  8. Butt end of a prank. She was asked to quietly get hold of some Fullers Earth Cream to help cover up the Red Self Storage (dartford) blemishes on the careers of the former Chief constable, Medway magistrate Anne Barnes (Chair of Police Authority) and former Kent Police Chief legal advisor Bev Newman.
  9. She should have taken a powder.
  10. Ex-TA, got to be, look at all those gongs.

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  11. She was looking for a Phillips vibrator after hearing it did a good job of shafting a troublesome Stalker.

    (Another prank. reference to the role of former Kent Chief constable Phillips when he was with Greater Manchester ... before or after his FBI training ? ... allegedly helping shaft John Stalker and his shoot to kill inquiries in Ulster. Yes a Phillips vibro with a drawback they can quit without notice when the going gets tough)
  12. So, Knocknee, any progress with exposing the outrage on Thanet ranges and does this shed any further light on the matter?Just wondering.
  13. FFS, don't set him off!

  14. Clearly didn't stay in long regular or TA