Im confused...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hellbreather, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys, I wonder if you could help me.

    I'm confused as to whether I should join a Combat unit, or IT/Comms unit.

    I enjoy doing both but I have some questions about them.

    1) If I joined IT/Comms what would I usually be doing and do people know what roles there are in IT/Comms units? Because I would want to do something in support instead of operation. For example in the regs you can be a "Information Systems Engineer" could I do that in the TA?

    2) If I joined a combat unit, how would i go about in asking for sniper training & what would be required of me? Besides having good aim etc.

    Thanks to any replys.
  2. Greetings Hellbreather

    How can you enjoy doing both if ou don't know what either does? :thumright:

    I'm not too sure if the TA trains snipers anymore.

    What area are you from? Do you know what units are near you?

    Do you know what the units actually do?

    Don't forget to have a look at engineering, logistics, specialist, etc, etc.

    Also; and

    Have a nose round the TA website and the individual units websites and have a search on here through the TA forum - there should be some useful info to help you along - Good luck.

  3. Thank you for your reply.

    I'm going to ring my local unit tomorrow to ask if the TA still train Snipers, if yes then I will go for that if not then I will go for IT / Comms.

    I know you can be a ISE (Information Systems Engineer) which I would like to do. But I would also like to be a sniper. :) So I'm going to put it to chance :winkrazz:

    Also surely if the TA don't offer the course, can't they send me on the a regs course with them?

  4. The last TA sniper cse was in 1998, and the capability was cut under SDR. Since then we've had a Sharpshooters cse, which was cut in 2005 under Rebalancing (and the L96's withdrawn from the TA), as part of the disbandment of all TA Recce Pls.

    God bless DInf ;-)
  5. Doesn't exist in the TA. From what you've said you'd probably be better off starting in the infantry and transfer to Sigs latter on in your career, this would give u a massive advantage (i.e. you'll gain a very good grounding in mil skills and if your civvie job/experience is in IT you'll be able to catch up in RSigs within a few months and then gain accelerated promotion).
  6. So your saying I can't train as a sniper in the TA and does that also mean that I can't go on one of the regs courses either?

    And what roles are around in RSigs that are like ISE? If any.
  7. TA Snipers did the first six weeks of the regular cse (i.e. everything bar the quadbiking), it's not a skill you can pick up in two weeks. All academic now of course.
  8. Right so basically the bottom line is, there's no chance of me being trained as a sniper in the TA?
  9. or if you're London based you could join the HAC which is neither and both.

    That is it has the Patrol Sqns who do infantry type work and have had at least one person do a (Regular) Sniper course in the last couple of years. They also have a Sigs sqn which is choc full of geeks if that where you find you would rather be.
  10. To be honest, I really want to train as a sniper. But it sounds like I cant do that? So if I can't then I would look at the Signals or possibly Special Forces Signals Reserves.
  11. Hi HB.

    A bit of advice, do'nt go into your nearest TAC and tell them you want to be a Sniper. They'll probably send you to the nearest Paintball convention. You do'nt just become a sniper overnigt, they normally are selected from experienced soldiers. Not only are snipers are selected for their shooting capabilities but they also must be experts at Fieldcraft, Map reading, Signals, first Aid and Physically fit to name but a few skills.

    As Sapukay has already told you The L96's were withdrawn from TA Units. The Underwater Jap Slappers probably have a few but then, you have the selection process to go through. Mind and take your own Black Tape.
  12. Ok right, I'm proper confused now.

    Is there a chance that I can be trained as a sniper in the TA or not?

    I just want to know if theres a chance...

  13. Sniper to Signaller in one foul swoop - glad to see you're committed to some form of direction anyway

    But in answer to your original question (notwithstanding the sniper b0llocks), just ask yourself this:

    If you join the Signals (IT/Comms) will you get the chance to do (as you put it) "combat stuff"? The answer is undoubtedly yes as we are all soldiers first etc etc and hunting, shooting, fishing, crocodile-wrestling type things are all good retainers for TA soldiers.

    If you join an infantry unit or another unit which does "combat stuff" will you get the chance to do IT/Comms? The answer is probably no - not in their time anyway.

    ...and FFS Jean-Claude get in first before you start planning your SF patrols and sniping killing sprees - you sound like fcuking Michael Ryan :yawnstretch:

    (edited to correct my fcuking terrible punctuation)
  14. I'm not trying to plan anything except if I could be trained as a sniper *sighs* I just want a yes or no answer to "Can I be trained as a sniper in the TA?"

    Then I've got some direction....
  15. Forget about the sniping, get into the TA first, you have to be in for a few years for them to even think of letting you do it, you cant just join and be a sniper, you cant just join just to be a sniper, i think you really need to think what you want. Yes can be a prospect for you to go for, but what you want to go for is to be a infantry soldier.

    Being a sniper is just an advance infantry soldier, has to be good at everything! also it is one of the hardest jobs in the army, and you have to be a BILLY NO MATES to be a good one. Its not a gloryfied job, crawling mile on your belt buckle, wether it takes u hour-days and maybe not even take a shot and do the same thing coming back, it isnt fun trust me.

    before you do anything your going to be trained as an infantry soldier, Fit and a switched on cookie, play your cards right and you might get a chance to be one in some years away, Get in and good luck