Im Cherie. Am I worth it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mistersoft, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Haven't seen this posted. Gripped my shite this morning.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    275 quid a day for a trim and blow dry, great work if you can get it. Still look on the bright side at least with this one it was only labours money being wasted and not ours.
  3. Quote:
    "The money was paid for Mrs Blair's personal hairdresser to keep her immaculately groomed during her husband's election campaign in 2005."

    It was a waste of money- she still looked like Kermit in drag.
  4. Just read it in the Times, Made front page. £275 a day to keep her hair in shape, Thats quite good. I thought it would cost alot more to keep a moose looking pretty!! :lol:
  5. Add it to the list of abuses perpetrated by this avaricious couple and their hangers on. One asumes that eventually even the densest member of the voting population will wise up. It can be safely assumed that the Brown household don't splash out quite as much in personal grooming products........

  6. HOW FCUKING MUCH? And it's not as if it even looked good. I've seen semi-illiterate, semi-trained hairdresses do better jobs and only charge £15 for it.

    Well, that's all right then - makes it all worth it! NOT!!!
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hey IJ your not saying the wide mouthed frog looks 'pretty'? Fcuk your easily pleased then...
  8. Hang on, just put my glasses back on. Fcuk, shes a dog!!!!
  9. nearly £8k, she could have had a t!t job and face-lift for that, then gone topless on new-labour's new yr calendar.
    all proceeds to human rights abuse victims
  10. The more hair-styling that goes on, the more time she spends with the hair-stylist and away from us. As the Labour party is paying it costs the tax-payer nothing (unless you're a Manchester council-tax payer).

    If only the press had to use fugly filters we wouldn't see her face splashed across our newspapers and the Sun.
  11. Quote 'I for one thought that she looked absolutely gorgeus and to me money well spent'-David Blunkett.No David their talking about Cherie not your blind dog just back from the Dog Groomers!

    Bit ironical when alot of the voters they canvassed do not earn £275 aweek.
  12. I think dog groomer is appropriate in Cherie's case and I bet that's cheaper.

    Pass me the flea powder while I trim round her arrse.

    Sorry wrong end.
  13. So the lying arsewipes wide mouth frog of a wife gets more spent on her hair than I get for my war pension, obviously serving your country is worth less than being the wife of some jumped up lying cum bubble thats destroying the country.
  14. When tax payer funded party support comes then you will be bending over to pay in any case