Im bored!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PimpinSmurf, May 7, 2007.

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  1. I'm more bored than a bored person from boredville.

    Not looking for love, or even an illicit shag in the back of a truck. Anyone fancy a natter??

    Dawn x
  2. Just started shift or coming to an end ?
  3. Fuck off Dawn you c0ck gobbling, lardy whore.
  4. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? And I aint a whore either Can't dispute the rest, I'm afraid. :twisted:

    Finished work at 1. Bank holidays suck when your other half's away and everyone else is schmoozing up with each other. Fuckers :wink:
  5. so why did you post this in lonely hearts you spaff gobbling moose?
  6. Because abuse is good for the soul
  7. As is a 14" black dildo powered by a 16/24 generator.

    That is the en vogue stimulation device for ladies from Ipswich, I am led to believe.

    Or was it strangulation?

    Edited to correct a small spelling faux pas and to call you cunts.
  8. "As is a 14" black dido"

    There's a short black version of that crap singer, Christ I thought the full-size white one was bad enough
  9. No, the preferred method is partial asphyxiation via a large steaming shit placed in your windpipe while your nose is clamped shut. I actually come from a northern town where we don't have the money to buy fancy goods down at B & Q... too busy spending it on chips and kebabs. And as for the strangulation... well that's too much of a classy way to go for me.
  10. You won't be bored anymore, now you will be looking to see where your fascinating posts went.
  11. Really? You thought they were fascinating? I personally thought they were kind of crap myself. But thank you for your vote of confidence, I feel all heartwarmed now.
  12. Look here! :evil:

    No satisfaction? :?

    Yet? :? :?

    PM me for confidential Virtual etherial intercourse and counselling - if still absolutely desperate . . . . . 8)
  13. I wouldn't be.

    Prae knows where you live and is coming round to sort out your insides.
  14. Zzzzzzz *yawn* You're all boring me now
  15. I like / love your humour - its brill.

    Ever tried putting your MSN addy on here - that might work.

    BT. Xxx.