I'm bored!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. 5 days off and mrs fltpilot away
    Any good MILF picture sites to look at?
    Looked at sickopedia and got bored?
    Could do the gardening but can be bothered!!!
    So it's an afternoon surfing the net.
  2. Go and murder a couple of WPC's seems all the rage these days.
  3. I've just had a lovely chicken tikka slice, and I'm now off for an afternoon nap.

    That's living :)
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  4. Tubekitty.com for all your pornographic needs.

    Not that I'd know that...
  5. I've heard that Xhmaster does a line in MILF/ GILF material.

    I've also heard that there's a slapper goes under the guise of an English exhibitionist who goes dogging big time that's fairly amusing. Tours the woods in her 'Glory Hole van'. Apparently.
  6. Youporn for me. Puremature seems to be doing the best milf stuff at tge moment.
  7. The porn sites are endless for MILF material. Question is, who is your favourite MILF?
  8. Xhamster is the way forward, mobile and desk top sites are good ; )
  9. Madison Ivy and Lisa Ann
  10. Search for "passion hd"

    That should get enough female friendly grot to flick your bean into oblivion x
  11. tubegalore for porn ync for gore if your into that shit, I'm not!
  12. Deauxma fits into the top-end MILF; Annabelle Brady GILF
  13. Xhamster - "German mature fucked on couch" - I'd rattle her anyway
  14. So you came here to liven your life up?

    Get yourself over to "Booloo".
    Ever sick depraved kink you could wish for, and one of the biggest selections I've come across.
  15. Dylan Ryder could pump love diesel from me all day.