Im bored with this. Can we go home now?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by putteesinmyhands, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Double taps on the GPMG - I used to get smacked on the legs something rotten when I did that!

    And I've never heard 'Do it' as a range order before...............
  2. Errr...why?

    I did it all the time, and nobody seemed to object.

    They minded a bit more when we put 800 rounds of blank through the thing in about a minute, but at five minutes to Endex I didn't fancy taking any of it back.

    All the best,

  3. Sir has obviously never travelled in an MBT before...
  4. John,

    The range nazis said 3-5 rounds and that was what they meant. I loved double taps because all the rounds hit the target. The DS however.......
  5. Incredibly, I have actually - as 'honorary gunner' and 'honorary commander' with absolutely no decisions to make apart from saying over the net what I was told to say by a SSgt (no change there then!). And that's in the British Army in CH, and the Bundeswehr in LEO2! Great fun, especially as no AT fire was coming the other way.

    But 'Do it'?

    Well actually, having two teenage sons I can understand it!

    PS. I did work for a German Brigadier a couple of years ago who loved 'crack on ' and used it on every occasion - he thought it was an order - and so did we! :D
  6. While the Lords of Lulworth have all sorts of offical cries, chants and incantations, which to be fair, are ideal in the early stages with an unknown gunner.(1) However, once the crew has worked together for a while a much less formal will often evolve.

    (1) A reversion to formality normally indicates that some urgency may be useful at that particular juncture IYSWIM :)
  7. I remember a Squadron Second-in-Command of the Skins who, aside from blowing a hunting horn over the net to signal the beginning of an attack, would use the following:

    Tony: Fin, Tank, On

    Gunner: On

    Tony: Shoot It!

    Gunner: Lasing, firing now (etc...)