Im bored - help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DozyBint, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. It's a beautiful evening and thanks to all sorts of system problems I'm stuck here on my own, probably for hours yet, and thanks to it being a work 'puter I can't access my MSN account nor the Chat room. If anyone else is stuck somewhere and is equally bored, PM me! Anyone sensible is dining al fresco or in a pub garden kicking back and enjoying the start of the weekend, but I live in hope... :roll:
  2. [marq=left]BUMP![/marq]

    Because I really am very bored and FluffyBunny's gone to drink beer and fire up the BBQ (tormenting b'stard!) :roll:
  3. Horror of all horrors I'm stuck in Norwich on my own, all my friends (both of them) are away at the moment and the house couldn't be much cleaner.

    At least you're only bored this evening!!!!

    I recommend going out to the local offy or tesco for a bottle of wine and make the most of it
  4. Think yourselves lucky! - bloody bat man in on holiday I have got to bull and polish all my own kit tonight!
    Que fingers turning brown at the tips! :) God bless kiwi parade gloss :)
    Damn all this equal opportunities milarky!!

    Dozy could be worse at least you are no one your own mate we are all here for you :)
  5. Yeah, all supping alchy-holic beverages, sniggering at my predicament, no doubt! :p
  6. I can't leave my desk! Luckily I'm female, so have mastered bladder control! :D
  7. I hate work computers that block chats and messengers. Who works at work?

    Edited to add that I can't spell
  8. I don't mind normally, I'm usually busier than a busy thing, but I wanted to head off early(ish) tonight and thanks to problems in another office, I just have to sit here and monitor stuff, hence the utter boredom!
  9. Not met a female yet that did, so I'm impressed. Or by bladder control do you mean lag your knickers and hope noone notices (p.s please send me the offending knickers for my collection)
  10. Females and bladder control - like a tap with a dodgy washer. You can turn it on, you can turn it off, but you can't stop it dripping. ;)
  11. This will cheer you up

    Memories, like the corneeeerrrrs of my mindddaaaah (a la pub singer)
  12. jeeez cant you access rearparty or sommat a whole thread on your boredom? or just filling in space for posts count? and this has what to do with social??
  13. Oh canteen_cowboy, if I wanted to access RP I'm quite capable, thanks very much. Anyway, surely a little hypocritical? Your own posts, especially the PM thread you were engaged in earlier today was SO interesting to the majority of NAAFI Bar readers... :roll:

    I actually put this thread in The ARRSEHole first, but as those posts don't go onto the front board it wouldn't get any response. I'm quite happily PMing folks so go and be a grumpy sod in your own forums. I don't give a shite about my post count and don't care if this thread gets deleted - I'm off home in a minute, so thanks to those who've helped me pass the time.
  14. do you feel big and brave using canteen rather than ex as i posted go go away
    btw it has never been a secret about id's i use :lol:

    edited to add i always was going to delete that thread anyway, so hypocritical not really.