I'm bored, am on leave & need entertaining!!

OK, got a few days leave and just trawlling arrse for some fun.
Anyone got any good sites to look at?
The sicker the better, oh and the odd porn site would help!;-)
Something to pass onto friends etc would be nice too!!!!!
Your on leave and on the computer. The youth of today.........walks away shaking head.
Colour co-ordinate your wardrobe.Clean out your kitchen cupboards then rearrange contents in alphabetical order.Trim lawn with nail scissors.

and on a flash you won't know where the time went.


Christ on a Cross!! Young bloody squaddies today! Type in 'Freeporn'...Done or 'Youporn' or 'Redtube' ......

As suggested, go out, flash the cash and convince some chav slut you're a Helo Pilot or a Submarine Driver or even one of THEM
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