I'm bored, am on leave & need entertaining!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. OK, got a few days leave and just trawlling arrse for some fun.
    Anyone got any good sites to look at?
    The sicker the better, oh and the odd porn site would help!;-)
    Something to pass onto friends etc would be nice too!!!!!
  2. You are on leave and you want to surf the web?!?! Go and find a girl chav and make her your sex slave, or go dogging.
  3. Have all the pubs closed overnight?
  4. No, just not on the juice at the moment.
    Have trawled the net this p.m and got more bored!
    Had a look at the Darwin Awards site, now that was good!!
  5. Pull a Pig competiton with yourself.
  6. Your on leave and on the computer. The youth of today.........walks away shaking head.
  7. Colour co-ordinate your wardrobe.Clean out your kitchen cupboards then rearrange contents in alphabetical order.Trim lawn with nail scissors.
  8. Minecraft

    and on a flash you won't know where the time went.
  9. Christ on a Cross!! Young bloody squaddies today! Type in 'Freeporn'...Done or 'Youporn' or 'Redtube' ......

    As suggested, go out, flash the cash and convince some chav slut you're a Helo Pilot or a Submarine Driver or even one of THEM