im better than you!!!!!!!

my name is Matt Breeds and i am a CSM in the ACF. i have two questions, i whish to join the Army, will i get the same respect that i recieve in the ACF. what is the beef about people colouring in their rank slides, i do and im better than all of you. also is it wrong to feel close (really close) to my sergeant.
I should say so Matty, I will personally strew petals before your feet, wipe your ar$e, and hang on your every word and proclamation.
schoolstafinstructor said:
Course you will sunshine , probaly get made up to lance jack while in phase 2
Don't talk crap. He'll go straight in as a CSM.
mattbreeds said:
my name is Matt Breeds and i am a CSM in the ACF. i have two questions, i whish to join the Army, will i get the same respect that i recieve in the ACF.
What to do is when you join up , go and speak to the csm. Now the trick here to make sure you get off on the right foot with him is to call him by his first name , even better try and find out his nickname that the boyos call him and use that on him. Also make sure you tell him that you were a csm once and you think it will be a matter of months before you reclaim your old rank (whilst telling him this look about his office and size it up and work out how you want the furniture arranged) then say to him that you will have the desk under the window when you take over and you will definetly bin all the crappy photos that are hanging on the walls. Then ask him is it still ok to colour in rankslides and cut off the ACF letters at the bottom. No doubt he will have started shouting at you by this stage but its ok, in the regs the more the CSM shouts at you the more he likes you- its his way of showing affection. Then ask him if you can borrow his pace stick ( pretend its a rifle and show him of the fancy twirly rifle drill you can do). Once you have done this ask to speak to your company commander and introduce yourself as matt the csm in waiting make sure the old csm hears you when you say this and also mention to the coy cmmdr that ''if you were to be made up to CSM straight away that you would sort out the shambles that he calls a company double quick, and that you would make a concerted effort on drill ''. By this stage the coy cmmdr will also be shouting at you but don't worry - again its how affection is shown in the real army. Don't worry we are almost there - next you have to find your troop sgt. Explain to him that you were an ex CSM and no doubt you will be his boss in a few months so to avoid confusion you would prefer it if he called you sir from the start. Once this is ask the platoon to get on parade. Introduce yourself in the same manner as you did to the company commander and also explain that they would all be better off calling your sir. Once this is done find the biggest, badest nastyest looking bloke in your platoon ask him to stay behind and say to him that ''as long as i'm in this regiment you're never going to make it beyond private''. If you follow this advice it will ensure that you will recieve the same if not more respect in the army as you did in ACF

Hope this advice has been very useful to you and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask, i'm sure the members of this forum will be as equally accomodating as i have been.
Well, if you were just a CPl or new SGT then most people would take the p1ss, but a CSM thats different, pity you didnt get RSM, what happened?
Not true, they probably just didn't like you! I think the ACF and the Army might find some common ground

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