Im being threatend of being thrown out..

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. By my troopy because of my PFT result. She said if I don't get fitter I won't deploy, be rear party and be kicked out. Even though I have improved, quite a bit, since my last pft 3 weeks ago, she is still threatening me.

    But, the badge said I would have to get fitter because I'm almost certinly going to deploy.

    So, what's the truth?

    I have remedials 5 times aweek, plus boxing training, plus one or two troop runs a week. It's all a bit much at times, but she still says "I'm not grafting"

    Can my troopy get me kicked out? Or is this an idel threat to get me to work harder?

    She also said that my attitude could be alot better, where she gets this from I don't know. I get all the shit jobs and I do them, no complaints, I've not been in the shit and I've never answered back, dispite many of my troop going out of there way to make my life harder here. I will admit, that I've been unsure of things and i'm new to alot, and it has shown, and if anything went wrong, people would talk alot, but that's not attitute, just lack of experiance.

    I didn't answer back to her, I took it on the chin, but I don't understand why she was telling me all this after seeing next of to nothing of me in 3 weeks. :frustrated:
  2. Spend more time running/doing PT and less time sat in front of your pc! :wink:
    Show that you are willing to put in the effort in your own time as well as Army time and pass your PFT.
  3. First things first:

    1. Her view of you is mainly based on what her SNCOs and NCOs tell her. Are you playing the game for these guys?

    2. You mention problems with physical fitness, which is an area (rightly) that the MOD is cracking down on. How new are you? How bad are your current results? Be honest with yourself about this as this is what they are trying to tell you.

    I doubt that you are being shafted here as this rarely happens no matter what you might think. Ask for help and listen to the advice; this may still be the start of an illustrious career; with effort of course!
  4. don't take it as discrimination. end of the day, you're not doing your job properly if you cannot pass a PFT.

    however, DO just take it on the chin, as you have been doing, BUST YOUR BALLS getting fitter, and prove them wrong. Remember, it's not the end of the world starting off on a bad foot. Show genuine effort and improvement, and it'll show a bit of courage, determination and having a bit of something about yourself.

    In other words, if you're back on here in the next 4 weeks, you're not doing enough phys!!!! Come back after that and tell us what your BFT time is.
  5. I think you could also do with taking the already huge wealth of advice you've had on this site and injesting it some more, the last thing you want to do at your stage of career is turn into the 'Duty Biff' and forever be playing catch-up to your peers.

    I had a sapper recently come to my troop with a bit of a bad attitude and a bit of a fizz problem. 6 months down the line he's on the next diving course and an external cadre it's amazing what you can do with a little push.
  6. Fk me, it's better than Big Brother round 'ere.. :thumright:

    Jade. Shut yer gob, Run faster and dont question what Shipla Poppadom tells you.
  7. If you are being 100% honest with us then your Troopys judgement of you is wrong or your SNCOs judgement of you is wrong. If you are given a shite job, (a job that still has to be done and done well) even though you carry it out, your acceptance of the responsibility may be lethargic and give the impression that you're not bothered. Try and be proactive and outward going. Be vocal and laugh off all the crap about you.

    No, the Troopy can't kick you out based on her perception of you. It's an idle and lazy threat. She can make your life misery, she can have you moved, even deployed, but not thrown out.
  8. If he keeps failing his mandatory tests he faces a verbal then formal warning. Failure to sort things out after this means administrative discharge. So yes, she can have him 'thrown out'.
  9. As others have said, keep on with the running and you will improve, you will get loads of sh1t jobs until the next new bloke straight from the factory comes in, unless you are a complete mong then you have sh1it out.

  10. get fit you rat. god hates fat sappers. being fit is one of the only things a sprog can do to impress so don't fail.

    no pfa pass = 3 month bender. and nobody likes benders.

  11. He never used to, how things have changed.

  12. No, you can't be kicked out but you can be discharged formally as Hellfyyr says. But... based on what you say you are doing compared to the presemt perception then you can't be kicked out on a whim. For starters, if it got that serious you'd be tapping the boards and then all will be explained to you, and of course, you can explain your efforts/misunderstandings etc.
  13. O2, Read NTs previous posts, he has had loads of advice to sort his fitness out and not achieved much by the sound of things!

    AGAI 67, is a lot faster than the old admin discharge on a SNLR ever was.

    NT buck up, shut up and put the miles in!

    I hate to say I told you so but...
  14. Cant see them throwing you out considering the lack of recruits unless you are a total O2 thief...but they can and will make your life hell till you toe the line.

    Fair play though fella, in all the posts you've made on this forum, you sound like a right whining cnut. Stop the feckin woe is me act and sort yourself out. Simple.

    You're a gentleman of the Corp now, not a civvy, follow the example set by many and get a grip.
  15. Forgive me for asking, but how old are you and how did you fail?....sit ups? how many? ups by how many? by how much?

    Be specific mate and the answers you seek may be forthcoming.