I'm beginning to think the SS had a point ...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Excognito, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Israeli scientists invent "rape drug" tester

    How long before the headlines inform us of an Israeli Scientist gunned down in the streets? The only significant question is will it be a 0.556 or 0.762 calibre? (obviously it wouldn't be a 9 mm from a silly metal gun, unless it was intended as a warning or a joke)

    Which ARRSE member would you put your money on for the deed?

    Have we actually found a legitimate use for the Outrage Bus to take all the prospective hitters out to Israel?
  2. What are ,0.556 and 0.762, do you not understand the metric measurment system
  3. A potentially good thread, spoiled by ineptitude............... shame really.......... shame!
  4. I think it'll take a lot of .556 or .762 rounds to finish him off...
  5. You invented that didn't you?
  6. There is still hope... It doesn't work on Rohypnol. YAY!
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  7. just means you'll have to go back to chloroform and the rape van.
  8. Not so fast
    Un-Yay or should that be Anti-Yay?
  9. The main question being,,Is it Kosher?..................
  10. Are you going to "sewing machine" them to death?
  11. Sewing machine!!,,which type?,,,Bar Tacker,,5 Thread Overlocker,,Buttonholer,,Lockstitcher or my fave 4 thread Feed of The Arm Cylinder?.....
  12. You are too soft. The best way is to just give the bitch a needle and thread and tell her to sew better this time, unless she wants another one!
  13. If he's caught he can say its a stitch up though......
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  14. He could have been using the Imperial system!

    Although new calibres they will make big holes.
  15. "Oi Yay", surely?
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