Im at my wits end! Advice needed.

My missus and I have been together for a few years now, but recently things have ben a bit strained. It started when she lost a bit of weight, then she started buying a lot of new clothes. It's in a different style to her usual stuff, a lot more sexy and revealing. New perfume, and make-up too.

She's also started going out alone a lot more. To a certain extent I can understand it, we work different shifts and gone out for one or two drinks with our colleagues once in a while, but this is nearly every weekend, and weeknights too.

When I ask her who she's going out with, she just replies that it's not anyone I know. Not only that she seems to spend a lot of time texting on her mobile recently, and she's become very possessive about it. If it rings or she gets a text message, she always goes outside to answer it.

The final straw has been that for the past three Thursdays she has come home at the same time (quite late) smelling freshly showered, and every time whoever it is drops her off a bit along the street rather than outside the house.

This time I decided to wait outside and see who it was she was with, so I went out to the carport and hid next to the Passat. As a knelt there in the darkness, I heard a car pull up along the street, and put my hand down so I could spring up and catch them. As I did so I felt a wetness, and discovered that my new car had an oil leak.

So the question is, should I take it back to the dealer and complain?

Definately, you need to sort it out now before things get worse! It is scandoulous that a new car is springing leaks so early on, especially a VW, disgusting...get it sorted!


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Trade them both in for new models m8.
I would wait and see - perhaps your Missus' new squeeze is a mechanic. Hey presto, two problems solved at one stroke.

look mate - don't waste any time on your missus, she'll return to herself given time. But please pay more attention to your car. An oil leak is a sign of neglect and a man that can't look after his car is really going downhill. Get some help for godsake.
I am sorry to hear about the VW, German technology is far better than that. As for the missus, ask her to accompany you to the nearest RELATE office and sort out the problem with a counsellor.
You'll have to get a good tarmac cleaner for your driveway also. That oil will stain it badly
msr said:
I would wait and see - perhaps your Missus' new squeeze is a mechanic. Hey presto, two problems solved at one stroke.

New squeeze?? TT's post doesn't mention or suggest anything of the kind - it's a perfectly sensible question about his car: wtf is wrong with you that you have to impugn the morals of his missus?

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