Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 5.56short, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Bin her and go for porn queen

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  2. Keep trying with missus, 18 years is a long time to chuck away

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  3. Have him shot and keep porn queen on the side

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  1. I'm working abroad, in the usual spots (hmm, lovely), and I'm convinced my missus is getting sorted out whilst I'm away. But she says she isn't.

    My reasoning:
    1. We got divorced about 6 months ago but decided to give it another go after the decre absolut came thru. We have a daughter.
    2. Reason for initial separation was my being away/her feeling neglected/too much pishing up by me (all fair ones).
    3. Reason for divorce was I found out she'd been having "text sex" with another copper (she's a rozzer too). After initial WTF???? and row I agreed not to site him in the divorce. All quite amicable.
    4. After we get back together she asks if she can keep seeing him "as a friend". I say ok. Then I discover more texts asking her to marry him/he loves her etc etc.
    5. He stays over at my gaff when Im away, they take our daughter to Alton Towers, she phones him every day etc etc.
    6. She lies about all of this "so as not to upset me whilst I'm at work". Cheers.

    1. We still sleep in the same bed (when I'm home).
    2. She says she still loves me and wants us to be a couple.
    3. She is seeing a Relate counsellor to try to sort out her issues and has booked us both in for when I'm back on leave.

    I wondered if any fellow Arrsers had similar experiences, especially the Lady-Arrsers, and if I'm being totally paranoid. I can't imagine that this relationship she's having is so 1-sided romantically as he'd just get bored after a while unless he was getting accross her.

    If I'm not being paranoid then I'm the biggest muppet this side of Nagasaki and will have to sort him out when I get home and then bin her. I'm also thinking of flying home a bit early to see if I can catch her "in the act" as it were. Thing is, I'm no oil painting and she's essence and I'd like to keep trying.

    I realise the Naafi Bar might not be the perfect forum for this (?!?!) but, there's usually a degree of brutal honesty in here!

    Your views will be most welcome.


  2. Jesus.

    So you work abroad and your missus has a live in boyfriend who is playing your role of father when you are away. Does this bird have beer flavoured nipples or something ??, without being too cruel because I suspect you are hanging in there for your daughter .. you are being taken for a MAJOR fcuking fool. You seem to be aware of this and are making excuses for her, grow a pair and get the fcuk out of there asap. Why on earth would you still want this cheating bint ??, This cannot be having a good effect on your self esteem and state of mind.

    I would get home and get a flat set up, get a solicitor to get access arranged for your daughter, get a bank account in your name and start getting your wages paid into it, set 15% after tax away for your daughter (the CSA will be after you) and sort out your own personal financial commitments. Make sure it is done on the QT, its watertight and then bin her rapid.

    Do this the next time you are home and say fcuk all to her until the day you leave .. time the solicitors letters to arrive the day after you leave and let her swing mate.

    Oh and dry banging her hoop the night before you leave is essential .. And nailing any female relations she has wouldnt hurt either.
  3. LOL! Cheers FB! It's perhaps not quite as bad as you paint it! But the cold, hard facts are pretty obvious!

    He's not live-in, but he has "visited" and stopped overnight a couple of times. I know where he lives and his police station and stuff, so he's not in my house more than once a month. I don't know if she's shagged him, she says not, but she's told a lot of porkies and I think she has, but I think it was a disaster (just a feeling). It's not good being distracted at work, but it's not a problem at the moment.

    The divorce is in, done and dusted. House is on the market as a precaution. She agreed to split the house and that's it, that's all she gets under the terms of the divorce. No way would I let my nipper suffer so no need for CSA (my cash is untracable by UK govt anyway) but she'd actually get less out of me through CSA.

    I think it's more likely she's stringing me along whilst she makes up her mind, rather than totally taking the p1ss, hence Relate (all seems very genuine). She's probably doing the same to him. I need to be sure before I have him turned over though and then put my kid through the mill again.

    And, as an aside, her nips don't taste of beer, but they are fecking fantastic! Hence reluctance to walk away completely!

    Cheers for advice!

  4. 5.56 What can i say, woohoo go girl finally a woman having her cake and eating it. Hubby when he is around, substitute with permission when he is not. Jeez man grow a set and tell her to do one. She must walk around grinning like the cat thats got the cream.
    Perhaps you should just get wipe here tattood on your back and be done with it. Sorry but she is walking all over you and you are letting her. Be a man for god sake what the hell must your child think?
  5. Always worth bearing in mind when you have the 'do I want to remain friends with her' debate is that at least if you are still friends, you get to touch the side of her tits at funerals.....
  6. This has got to be a "WAH"
  7. Either this is a wah or you are fcuking thick.

    She is taking the p1ss ain't she?

    Bin her and stop being a doormat.
  8. She sounds like a right slapper......

    Any chance of a go on her then...??

    Mag to grid....... SHARPISH......!!
  9. If this is'nt a wind up, you have to be the biggest mug around!!! Your away, and Mrs is still having her cake! I would say lucky woman, but I'd like to think I have standards... I know some my friends of the fairer sex like myself, would say go girl ... men do it all the time etc etc, but personally its not the done thing ... You know it!!! Also it must get confusing for your Daughter, two daddies!!! WTF if you were separated and your girl knew it was all over ... Fair enough, but seeing your Mrs playing musical beds isn't setting a good example now is it?
    Dump the and get some self respect back... other than that suggest a threesome and just join in and go for it!!!
  10. Lets hear about the porn queen, is that a genuine offer you've had or wishful thinking from watching too many European grumble vids?
  11. As soon as your back is turned her hoop is getting flooded with the seed of a copper.

    Ask her if he is a better shag than you or if she is dirtier in the sack for him.

    When you come home and give her a kiss, just imagine another mans paste in her mouth, see if you can taste it.

    Feed your daughter to a pitbull or Staffy or something, then you aren't beholding to your marital slut, then get rid of her, but not before stitching the copper up with drink driving or something more sinister.

    Why not get a chicken baster, drain his semen from your wifes hole (pick one) then inject it in your bottom, go to the old bill and say he raped you in the anus while you slept.

    Bingo, rid of all commitments, a slut and stitched a copper in a oner.
  12. What he said. Relate won't fix anything substantial; check their numbers on how many people stay married as a result of Relate sessions. From personal experience it's an opportunity to talk, but if it isn't working out, Relate can't fix it.

    Focus on what's best for your daughter, you can always earn more money, but you will never get back the time with your kids that you give away to someone else.
  13. I suspect the only reason she is keeping you sweet with a shag when you are home is so you don't rat on the pair of them to the old bill bosses. They will, especially him, be right in the shite with their employers.

    Bin her and make sure you take half her pension. I bet she was ecstatic when you agreed not to name him as a co respondent. Was adultery anywhere in the divorce papers?
    You're a mug, bin her asap but leave her with the kid to look after but keep maximum visitation rights.
  14. She is keeping you sweet to keep the money coming in, as you are giving more than the CSA would let her have....
  15. She is filth so probably earning more than him TOP