I'm an IT/WIFI biff

Can anyone help. I've got 2 questions. I've just forked out some well earned cash on a Sony BDV-E870 system. Looks and sounds the part but I'm having dramas streaming music from my daughters laptop and my Macbook onto it. Now I'm a biff when it comes to this. The laptop is running Windows 7.

Secondly, it appears that my house is lead lined. I have a BT wireless router (the white one) in the back room and the signal is dire down stairs at only 13% (if I'm lucky). The router has to be in the bed room as my son wires his XBOX into it for a better gaming connection (or so he says). What are the best type of routers to use for a stronger signal or can I by an amplifier or some sort of rebro device.. The connection obviously has WEP key security so the pikeys next door can't use it.

Any advice would be of help. Keep it simple though 'cause I'm thicker than a virgins 1st ****.

Get someone to change it from WEP to WPA or WPA2 for you too. I've watched someone break a WEP encryption in less than five minutes before, and that's probably at the longer end of the scale.
I presume the router is the hub for all wireless stuff in the house, any glitches at all will send the stream daft.

We use Belkin Turbo powerline adaptors, they use the wiring in the house, we use 4 in the house, connecting to one at the hub, everyone connects no hassle.

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