Im am very drunk, what should I do?

Have a wank, smoke a cigarette then just go to bed.


Take you clothes off, get in your car and drive to a petrol station (try not to crash and kill somebody or get caught by the rozzers). Get out of the car, all casual as fuck despite your nudity, get some petrol and go into the shop. Pick up a Mars bar for yourself and a couple of cans of coke too. Better get some fresh bread for tomorrow morning. Proceed to till.

Hilarity will ensue.
Unable to wank about 3 hours ago, gave up smoking long ago. I have been arrested previously for nudity in my vicinity.

Im bored and want to play out.


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Take out your credit card, log onto Amazon - see if there's anything in the electronics section you fancy, if you're really drunk think of the surprise when all the stuff arives on Wednesday!!!
Try to ignite your piss; if it doesn't hold a steady, odourless blue flame, then you're clearly not drunk enough and must try harder (F = Re-test)

Drink more, now!

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