I'm all Tiger confused

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by SPROCKET321, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Inside a german Tiger I tank - YouTube

    The above you tube video shows a cut away Tiger 1 ( mk5), Now I'm confused to know which one of the six Tiger1's it is. two in Russian,( one is a shot to bits hard target the other a Kubinka museum exhibit,) two in France (one in Normandy on a plinth.One wearing narrow transport tracks in a Museum), Number Five is our own fully Running Tiger 131 captured by the British In the Middle east, now on show at Bovvy.

    Number six. The British Army gave the US army a Tiger they captured alongside Tiger 131, it was on display at Aberdean proving ground in MARYLAND for many years, left out to rust and be pillaged for parts by passers by, so a firm in Germany volunteered to do it up (Germany does not have it's own Tiger1) it was shipped to England for work to be done but the firm went bust, still in the UK has it ended up in the Muckleburge collection as the You tube guy from Canada mentioned? anyone know where this cut away Tiger can be seen?
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  2. Hello there,
    The Tiger in the original video is indeed the 'Aberdeen' example, during it's temporary stay/tarting up at the Wheatcroft collection after previously visiting Sinnsheim.

    It's residency status in the UK was 'controversial' for a while, but it's now back in the US.

    Aberdeen Tiger Tank Moving to Fort Benning « Lone Sentry Blog
  3. that was quite a remarkable achievement for the Munster Panzermuseum, to cobble a static display Tiger out of scrap parts from around Europe, ok, it's just an empty shell, but it looks the part.
  4. Munster secured it on a loan from APG. Then it turned out the APG rep who OKed the loan had exceeded his authority and APG asked Kevin Wheatcroft to act as an intermediary and get it back. Wheatcroft agreed on condition he could study it to make parts for his own Tiger I restoration while it was on his premises. APG agreed and Kev recovered the Tiger despite certain individuals in Munster deliberately trying to derail it's return to APG with red tape and litigation. Fast forward to the big APG relocation and APG asking Wheatcroft to hang onto it for the moment while the details of the move to Ft. Lee were organized.

    Then somebody got a bee in their bonnet that Wheatcroft had an Abedeen exhibit in his private collection and a lot of jealous internet trolling ensued. Lots of accusations were made that Wheatcroft had stripped the tank of parts. The allegations caused a bit of a panic in the States and APG asked for the vehicle's immediate return. The rumors proved to be BS, although several APG bods and loudmouthed hangers on embarrassed themselves by treating the rumours as facts before the truth came out and apologies had to be issued.
  5. I'm amazed the Americans let it out of their sight, let alone allow it to go overseas, they've restored their Elephant exhibit since, so maybe they've learnt a valuable lesson about doing the work in house, in country
  6. You Bast*rd!

    As a result of following your link I spent an hour on YouTube watching Tank vids finishing with the AFV 432.

    How feckin sad is that!

    Edited to add: Before anyone earns themselves a 'Cock' I am aware that a 432 is not a Tank, just that the links lead me there.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Wasn't there a programme on a while back about the Americans doing up their panther also.
  8. well Acab, that's an hour you won't be getting back, hope you are all tanked up now
  9. Well on my way Mate and thanks for a trip down memory lane!

    The 432s I mean , not the Tigers, I ain't that feckin old!
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