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I'm all for chivalry. Really.

But any hints or tips on how to stop the boys treating me as special needs on account of being female?!

And don't make me regret posting this!

Btw, I understand the difference between treated 'special' if I happen to be the shortest/slowest person there... but that ain't always the case 8O :wink:


Kit Reviewer
Try these options:

a) Get your arrse up to regulation size
b) Only blow Regular soldiers
c) Always be first in all phys and mil skills
d) All the above

Answer d) is a guaranteed winner.
WannabeSTABgal said:
But any hints or tips on how to stop the boys treating me as special needs on account of being female?!

If this is your arrse then ... no ..

Can we an a photo of ur arrse in C95?

Work hard and complete a CFT without any problems :)

I remember treating some of the gals "special" during a CFT, I ended up carrying 3 Gats!

I know some gals in the TA who aren't treated special, and don't expect to be.

If your dainty you will be treated like such, I ain't saying sprout a Moustache and get some anchor tattoos.

I think what I am trying to say comes best in a story.

River crossings we all love it, freezing cold water, bergens to get across.
So we all get out kit off, told to go down to our Y's. But I liked the pair of boxers I was wearing, and so did the rest of the lads. So we all go commando to cross the river.
There's a female soldier with us and the DS politely say "There's a space down here for you to cross."
She looked at them funny, got undressed, picked up her Bergen and gat and crossed with us.

I am not saying getting your kit off is what's need, though some here would disagree.
Do the same as the Lads, and expect to do nothing less. Soon "everyone" won't treat you special .

Because we are sexist pigs (Infantry-grunt-grunt) then most women who are with us, who also clean up nice , will be treated differently. It's a sexist thing.

However , if you work yer arrse off, and still clean up nice , you'll be one of the lads, and they'll be a bit protective of you around other units.

Just as long as you don't turn into a right gobby fighting burd with a few too many sherberts.

Not that I ummmmmmm errrrrr can think of anyone like that right now.

'Oi Mon-sewer , how can you be a fookin stripper with that? It's like a todger but smaller' 8O

Yes I changed it, just so she's not left in doubt. :D
We've got a bird in our coy, and I tell ya what, she can soldier and fight and carry the weight just as good as the lads, Wouldn't mind having her in my section actually, works harder than some of the lads...

And she's fit...

Like already said, act like Tamzin Outhwaite in Red Cap.... :lol:
I'd echo Kingo, we have a load of girls in our unit, one came to the sand box with us. She could carry a bergan, same weight as the boys, was a great laugh, wrote to all the porn mags when her male colleagues were too embarrassed to ask for free mags, smoked, drank and is great looking.

She did virtually everything the boys did!

So don't look for favours do the same as the boys and voila.. I think you will find you will fit in... if you can do the BPFA and CFT and beat a few of the boys...keeps the testosterone in check,

and makes for great Christmas dos.. I know who I'd rather be talking to late on

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