Im After a Button

No not the red type that leads to the earth hanging in space like a burnt cinder.

I need just one screw type Gunner button for a Blue Patrol jacket. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance :)
Nope don't want that button. I'd end up walking all lop sided :D
Actually, now I come to think of it, I also need a mounted button.

One of my cuff buttons went ping last dinner night :(

Anyone got one of these. I expect filthy lucre will change hands ;)
Check flea bay, there are normally Brass Buttons of the RA type for sale.

YOs shop might have some in their magic box of things for sale.

I only have the 2 screwed to my jacket or I'd help out, although I may have the cuff button available for a small fee.

PM for details...
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