Im a waste of skin, please harm me

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by frenchperson, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Mod edit:

    I'm a toilet water drinker, with nothing better to do than irritate people and not answer simple questions when asked.

    I also tamper with myself in public
  2. Why don't you write to the COs and explain your grievances?

    Might be a bit more manly than setting up a thread in the NAAFI Bar.
  3. Sadly, for you Frenchperson, your long-standing reputaion preceeds you :p
  4. How do you know I haven't? :roll:

  5. Far be it for me to agree with a moderator...cpunk of all of em too! But he did the right thing locking that fcuking '9/11' thread. And he was spot on calling you a fucking cunt too.

    The minority you represent are mainly locked up in broadmoor for offences ranging from touching children to generally being a cunt.

    Cpunk, leave this thread open mate. I cant wait to read the puss filled mongness that frenchcunt will no doubt set about from his mouthwand enabled keyboard.
  6. Precedes me does it? What, my long-standing reputation for not toeing the party line? Luckily, there's at least 3 of us on here showing some independence of thought, and not agreeing with every piece of rubbish that's posted on here ad nauseum.
  7. so why your compulsion also to stir the shit in public?

    apart from your need to pander to your attenion seeking complex that is.
  8. Quite!

    For a while there was a user who had as a sig block:

    "Reading any post started by SLR or Frenchperson is like being bukkaked with stupid"

    Of course he might have actually put "Frenchmong" but it's fairly obvious who it was referring to.

    I say re-instate the Arrsehole so that such mongdribble can be confined to one section.
  9. Dry your eyes FP and get over it,anyone would think its a conspiracy against you

  10. You see that, frenchcunt?

    Thats you that is.
  11. CPUNK for Pime Minister

    I wasted to many minutes of my life trying to debate with a person who never professed a single view or opinion of his own and just kept asking unanswerable questions.

    I am Glad it was locked so I can move on to important stuff in the Football threads

  12. Of couse it was "SLR boy" not "Self Loading Rifle" - my mistake.
  13. It does indeed, didn't you throw a wobbly last year, say you were leaving and then come back?

    Regardless of your opinions, what a complete twat!

    This thread will achieve no more than to make you look even more like a complete cock.
  14. Apply to go on Jeremy Kyle and get over it sweetcheeks.

    I appreciate you having independence of thought and that your oppinion may differ from that of others but the bloke is modding a forum. He's just done that.
  15. Read the thread on how 80 UCL students highjacked an AGM to get their point of veiw forced through, and draw the the parallel conclusion