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I'm a victim too says the widow of 7/7 bomber...... Only in this country !

Yeah but the point is that dependants of your average suicidee don't qualify for oodles of taxpayers' cash in the form of criminal acts compensation scheme.


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Interesting. Is committing suicide a ‘criminal act’ as such? Does it count for compo in this case? Was the widow injured by his act, or by the responses to it? In a case such as this, how can she be compensated by the State for something that her Husband chose to do, of his own free will? If I run out of cash for some reason, and decide to deliberately crash my car (i.e. use a deadly weapon) into a lamppost via a load of kids, and kill some of them, is my wife a victim of my criminal acts?
If someone commits suicide, I thought that most insurance policies do not pay out. Should the same apply here?

One thing is for sure – Lawyers will love this!
Was she not taken to court herself for aiding and abetting her murderous husband?
She is trying to claim she knew NOTHING of her husbands activities , absolute bollocks, she helped him and as such should be punished not rewarded! Typical that it's the oily turd "Imram Khan" who is her lawyer, he must be a multi millionaire from all of the legal aid he's got from US, representing almost every Muslim nutter who comes to court!!
Fortunately it appears that her appeal has been rejected:

BBC News - Bomber widow loses appeal against legal aid bid

Why is it that these people aren't content with allowing the families that lost relatives at the hand of her murderous husband to get on with their lives. Firstly they wanted full and proper inquests into the murders (note I am not using the justification suicide bombers, the 4 bombers were nothing other than murderers) carried out on 7/7, to include those of the perpetrators of this crime. That was rejected, now she wants legal aid to represent her views at that inquest, fortunately this has now been rejected.

She is not the wife of a "suicide bomber" she is the wife of a scheming murderer. I therefore find it extremely hard to believe that she knew nothing of his intentions on 7 July 2005.


Book Reviewer
Bit of knee jerk reaction but why be angry at her? It wasn't her fault that her husband killed himself.

Do you blame the NOK of all suicides for what the dead person got up to?
No I don't freind of mine topped himself and I saw what it did to his family
But one man hanging himself from his loft is not the same as this
He commited murder although he blew himself up as well it's no different than if he'd left thje bomb under the seats and walked away

Wonder if their home country treats famillies of suicide bombers as victims?

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