Im a teacher and thinking of joining the TA... few questions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by lancs_lad, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. First off I would like to say hi to you all and thanks for reading.

    I am 28 and a secondary school teacher. I have read a few posts on here and Im getting the feeling that being a teacher doesnt workout to well with the TA. My main concern is the 2 week annual camp not coinciding with my summer 6 weeks off or 2 weeks at Easter. Anyone shed some light on this?

    If it helps I am thinking of joining the Duke of Lancasters at the Lancaster branch. Anyone on here from there?

    Also would you advise me talking to my head first before joining? Anyone ever been allowed time off during term time for the TA? What are the unions stance on it? Im with the NUT.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a friend who is a teacher and she coped very well with camps and weekends.

    Have a chat with your unit that you wish to join and when you have all the facts and your questions answered then chat to your head. sometimes you'll be surprised about how forthcoming they are. some units will even chat to your head afterwards to answer any of his queries.

    Units 2 weeks camps can move each year and if you attend triaing courses throughout the year at a time when you can fit them in the holidays then that counts as a course in lieu of camp and you can still claim your bounty providing the course was 9 days or more.

    Again, you need to go to your local unit and talk to them about this. if you struggle with the commitment maybe you could join a national unit. these have less days require to fullfill your commitment. 19 days only i believe.

    but you'll never know if you do not ask. you'll get some good advice on here from other people but your own research is the most valuable

    Good luck and welcome to ARRSE


    *edited for mong spelling. I blame my keyboard
  3. I know of 4 or 5 teachers across the TA from both the state and independent sectors so it must be possible. Indeed I think that the CO of one of the UOTCs is a RLC guy who is a woodwork teacher.

    Not sure how they sort the annual camp thing though.

    You might want to look at one of the 'Summer Challenge' Couses to do your basic training at least as they run in the summer holidays. After that it may be possible depending on the unit to be more flexible.
  4. *No such thing as a woodwork teacher these days - we are 'Design Technology': all encompassing - resistant materials, graphic products, systems and control (electronics, structures, mechanisms, pneumatics), product design... (not to forget food technology, textiles and, bizaarely, child development!). Sorry, just felt the need to big up the DT subject - everyone thinks we are just for dossers and thickos, but we are statistically one of the hardest subjects to get full marks in (I think Russian is the other one, lol!). I shall now climb down from my soapbox, hehe!

    On a serious note, it depends on the type of school you are at and also what sort of role you are looking for in the TA. All my trade courses and annual camps run in term time so it is almost impossible to get on anything, which has greatly hindered my promotional prospects. Our annual camp this year is smack bang in the middle of end of year exams, reports and invigilating, so it's not even worth trying to bring it up!! :( (and it's Gibraltar this year!)

    All I can do is go to regular units on a 2 week attachment in the summer hols and hope that one day I can convince the HM to let me have some time off. I would be interested in any other teachers experiences of getting time off.

    I have a friend who is a teacher and she coped very well with camps and weekends.

    What type of school / job has she got and what trade in TA... if she is a substitute teacher I can see how that works out, but most camps are in term time and every school I've been to says no. :cry:
  5. Woodwork or Design Technology, the person in question isn't the sharpest tool in the box.
  6. lancs_lad - PM onfire. He's a teacher and used to be a soldier (not for long though) so he's you in reverse so to speak, although I bet you'll never use a mug made out of a mortar tube just to impress your students.
  7. In fact, just about everything except spelling!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Have imbibed far too much Jack D.
  8. Talking from experience it's a matter of balancing the two, as you will hopefully find out TA weekends can be pretty full on, if you have lots of work or deadlines to meet then don't expect much time on a Sunday to sort this out, and if you do have the time, you will probably lack the energy to be arsed! (My Head of Department, says that I'm the only person he knows who comes to work on a Monday more tired than when they left on Friday!)
    If you are organised and can get this done during the week, or enjoy early monday mornings, then you can work around this.
    You are obliged to inform your employer if you are a member of the reserve forces, depending on the type of school you're at will depend on the response you get, if you are teaching at an Independent School, they may encourage you to take on a role within the CCF (Or start a detachment at the school?). State schools can be a differnet kettle of fish. You need to tell your Head, but you also might want to consider writing to the Board of Governors. (Consider the benefits the TA could bring you in terms of personal attributes and qualifications that are transferable to Civvie street)
    In terms of time off for camps, (and I could be wrong on this), but I am fairly certain that State schools are obliged to give members of the Armed Forces Reserve (RNR, RAAF RMR & TA) two weeks off during term time in order to attend an annual camp. The caveat to this is the Head has the final say, so if your camp is in a critical time of the year (ie May when the Year 11s are panicking) then he may say no. I can't remember if it is paid in full, or partially, or not at all. It might be worth digging out your contract. It's worth considering that if you do work at a State school, then you essentially employed by the Goverment (via the LA), as you would be if you joined the TA, might have an impact if you were to push the case.
    Check your contract, have a look on the TES forums. I was already in the TA when I started, and my Head has been awesome. But you can but ask. Good luck
  9. a teacher friend of mine joined TA inf 2 weeks before i did 11 years ago. he went on to do an Operational tour. his employer was supportive throughout. you get a choice of CiC dates one of which will fall during the summer recess.

    hes left now but had no problems balancing the two

    i'm in the Dukes too mate, D Company greater manchester.