Im a Squaddie - "Get me outta here"...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by threesend, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Ok ARRSERS, We probably at one time or another have seen the tv show "im a celebrity get me outta here" we all may know that during the show there is a bush tucker trial involved..we all know the format. Eating / drinking fucking minging things against your opponent.

    At some point during our time in the forces we have done some disgusting things for a bet or a dare (usually alcohol induced)

    So fellow ARRSERS what have you done or would do for a bet or a dare?...
  2. Used to play 'Chase the Ace' with 5 dice in the Corporals Mess in Chelsea. The forfeits involved either eating dog ends or cockroaches. The cockroaches tasted better.
  3. eating lit cigars, really dont ask why
  4. I ate a live cockroach for a mere 10DM bet whilst in Bosnia. I never did get the 10DM.
  5. i ate a preggers one, that wasnt a good day out, what bos tour you do?
  6. We used to play this game that lasted for hours or days. It involved the game-leader who would ask other Players to contact all the other Players. They had to "get to base" as fast as possible with all the things they would need to play the game. This would, in my case, be a Bty of M109 s c/w CES and approx 100 " Players". We d then get sent to an area on the board-game that would resemble an area where the Russians, for some odd reason, would also like to play the same game at the same time.

    I never really got the jist of it and binned it after 8 years.
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  7. Not me, but I was daft enough to let my 17 year old play a drinking game with me, my sister and a slightly inebriated Para Officer. It all went a bit wrong when the 17yr old ended up eating a scorpion "'cos he lost". At the time it seemed perfectly reasonable.
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  8. Standing/balancing (one foot) on an empty can of KB (dunno why it had to be KB)......then with your index fingers on either side of the can quickly, and I mean fucking quickly, poke the side of the can. Voila! The can collapses......hopefully you still have one and/or two index fingers remaining. Did happen a chance to view some 'claret' spilled, not mine.

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  9. A tin of Pedigree Chum for 100DM, after about 3 spoonfuls I was told to stop as I was enjoying it too much, bollox, I finished it after having the cash off the table quicker than you could say "heel boy"
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  10. Similar to the game of freckles but without the other players, dog shit under a beer mat chin on edge of table and a heavy handed slap to the beer mat, ok as long as your not the unlucky one which I was once.
    I remember being in a hotel in avimore with some members of my section when we started playing drinking games and such, some posh woman came in just as one guy was doing a forefit someone had gobbed dc really speculator greeny on the ceiling and the loser was waiting for it to drop into his open mouth, it did just as she walked in, she puked on the spot with it dribbleing through her fingers, she shouted out your all sick when one of the lads said no this is and scooped some puke on his finger and tasted it. Que more retching from posh tart and a hasty exit from us.
  11. I had a mate take a poo in an empty pint glass and then slam it on the Naafi bar, loudly declaring, "The beer here is fucking shit!".

    I think he got 7 days ROPs for that.
  12. Which reminds me, I got serious shit off the Mess steward one night after me and a delicious little strumpet left a 'Snail Trail' on the Pool table. Cunt was just jealous.
  13. Pint of lager with 2 used urinal cakes, the round blue things found in the trough, lost at spoof.