I'm a squaddie get me outta here!

I thought that now x factor is finally off our screens it's time for a new show. How about a one like the title of this thread? Done for "charidy" of course!

Throw 12 squaddies into the jungle for a bit of banter and messing about, bush tucker trials would be minging and games could be a right laugh. What cap badges do you think we should have in there? Reasons why they would be entertaining and what games/trials would be funny?
Bloody hell Miss Snail do you wait until someone does a thread then go on a hunt for something similar so you can use that incredibly tedious "use the search function" crap? Anyway that thread is 7 yrs old and long forgotten about so cut some slack!
It's still funnier than yours is going to be. ;P
I'd rather watch : 'He's a squaddie, get him out of here...'
This could be played at any pub, club or half decent restaurant within a 3k radius of Garrison towns.
Sent the idea to Princess Productions.

They need some good ideas :)


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We should have a thread about wanking.

That would be ace.
The only thread in the whole of ARRSE where photos would not be requested de facto...
oh and I have a few, she's using toys too, but, never mind I'll just have to sit and look at them on my own

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