'I'm a pirate' shouted drunken woman before hijacking passenger ferry

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pimpernel, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. A woman high on drink and drugs who stole a passenger ferry and crashed into boats shouting ''I'm Jack Sparrow'' has been jailed.

    Reckless Alison Whelan, 51, was on a two-day bender when she climbed onto the moored 100-seater Dart Princess in Dartmouth, Devon.

    Whelan was so drunk on Lambrini she dialled 999 and officers raced to the scene but she then unmoored the 45ft vessel and started drifting away.

    She was heard shouting "I'm Jack Sparrow" and "I'm A Pirate" as she made her escape on the double-decker ferry.

    But the boat then began hitting other vessels ''like a pinball machine'' - including a £70,000 catamaran, Torquay Magistrates Court in Devon heard.
    'I'm a pirate' shouted drunken woman before hijacking passenger ferry - Telegraph
  2. I reserve the right to use "lol" at situations like this.
  3. Well if she wishes to be a pirate I do believe we should play along and hang her.
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  4. She looks like him too
  5. They won't let her keep her Parrot in prison.
    (current affairs?)
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  6. Alison Whelan? Unusual name for a Somali.
  7. "An all day bender on Lambrini"

    Shouldn't this be in the PA is gay thread?
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  8. Harsh but fair. ;-)

  9. Christ, I'm fairly sure I fucked her about ten years or so ago. If it's her, she used to drink Diamond Whites with a double gin added. Gordons, she reckoned the brewer's generic gin 'soured' the Diamond White.

    She liked Woodpecker for breakfast though.

    Happy days.
  10. Wise decision; she gave a mean blowjob as I recall.
  11. So she gets 4 months for doing £1,800 of damage, not to mention costing thousands of pounds it cost to have 30 lifeguards,police and paramedics having to deal with her, all in a stolen boat and her twunt mate gets a £100 fine for threatening and assaulting paramedics. Pathetic sentences the magistrates involved should be ashamed.
  12. Plus she's in line for a liver transplant. Another few thousand wasted there, as well.
  13. After spunking thousands on rehab for her to fall off the wagon her first Friday night out of prison. I'll stop now before I start getting too Daily Mail-ish.