I'm a nice man really

Looks like they're putting it in a skip!
Pretty apt, Eh!
I didn't know skips had types, I'll have to borrow an anorak and a notebook to start collecting the type numbers.
Skip Spotting! Hmmm! now there,s an intristin thought.
I have "Cabbed" D9007 Pinza at Kings Cross in February 1964. I can still smell it .
We always used to catch the 18:09 from Donny to Wakey, it was invariably a Kings X
A4 turn, the first time I saw a Deltic in 1961, it was at the head of this train and when it
appeared under St. James Bridge a rousing cheer went up from the gathered spotters
...me?.....I just leathered the cnut from Barnsley who was unfortunate enough to be
standing next to me........we caught the 17:36 after that....A3 turn

Grumbling Deltic cunts.


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Is that sleak grey dealer of death HMS Newcastle?

I fucking loved that ship.
Agreed but they had a severe compatability problem with engine and transmission.

If I was going to have a sneaky pull , I would be looking at a picture of a 'Western'

Ravers, yes mate it is........sleek and sexy!!!!


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Deltics my arrse.

The Westerns were the real lookers.

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Not forgetting - Stalybridge is a shithole.
It is a bit like a slapper in Swansea in a short skirt and wobbly heels. You might look, but you wouldn't want to shag it. Diesel-hydraulic bollocks.

Stalybridge is a fucking shithole mind.
As Ray Liotta said in 'Field of Dreams....."You're not invited"

so fack orft!

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