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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by davesbabe, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. :) hello everyone im new to the group so just thought id introduce myself. im louise 26 years old and im engaged to my other half dave. he is currently serving within the british army. he is a sgt in the royal signals. we have a 3 year old daughter and were expecting our second baby. i hope to chat and get to know some of you soon. take care. louise :)
  2. hiya, i'm also a Louise (lou), husband is also in the signals, but alas only a siggy! lol. we're currently tying for our first, and have been married for 18 months.
  3. hiya lou, thanks for replying to my message. it doesnt bother me about ranks. to be honest i dont see what the hooo ha is about it. i mean why do the higher ranking officers wives get all bitchy and snubb everyone else lol i dont get it. were getting married in july i cant wait to be his wife. how old are you lou ?
  4. lol, me niether, trade has never bothered me either, we're both 22. it is amusing thou then the senior ranks wives get funny, but still it's the boys who r u not us lot! lol.
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  7. hiya lou. i bet your little gilr is such a little cutie. i cant wait to have our baby this pregnancy isnt feeling very grand infact i can safely say im not enjoying it not one bit lol but never mind. ive got my next scan on the 12th january and hoping to find out the sex. we cant wait. my other half is based in york and we live together off barracks not far away. has any of you swapped email address etc ?
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  9. im not really sick this time just loads of other problems never mind not that long to go now
  10. 8O Tut, Loulou you dafty how long have I known you and have you been using the net now lol... use pm's for swapping messenger/email addys hun you never know who's who on here lately lol... men as women :lol: honest lol... plus then theres the journo's :roll: theres a good gal :wink:

    Happy New Year to you Dave, Cait and woofers

    Toonie xxx
  11. i no in o toon im to trusting but i wont be sharing addys again on the boards lol im just waiting to see how many emails i get from bunny boilers and wierdos now. happy new year to you aswell and i hope you have a great 2005.
  12. I might be very wrong and if I am I apologise now but you know how you hear on the news about how paedophiles use a grooming technique to lure young kids over a period of time.
    Well Journo do the same here.
  13. Yeah you need to watch out coz Toonie will sell your email address to all and sundry on here.

    Before you know it you'll be asked if your hoop can take the strain..........

    Got any piccies by the way I can pass around?

  14. I do NOT sell untill I've cybered them all out you nut :wink: :lol: 8O
  15. Toons

    We all know you need to sell them to feed your Rabbit habbit.