Im a disillusioned nurse get me outta here!!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by JonesTheCat, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post, and unfortunately I do it out of desperation. I'm a staff nurse at a MDHU, and work on a general surgical ward.
    Today I had a normal patient load on the ward, with most of them being in the 80-100(seriously) age bracket. Most of the staff on the shift, which was 14 hours long, were military.
    We spent the vast majority of the shift going from one patient to another, trying to just keep them clean, which is difficult when, for example, one lady stuck her fingers up her arrse and gave herself a hitler mustache, followed by full war-paint with the offending fingers.
    The ward on which I work has haemorrhaged staff nurses and HCA's recently, and due to the NHS trust funding crisis, these staff are not being replaced, meaning that the remaining staff find themselves doing three times as many nights as normal, and grafting a lot harder during every shift, with sometimes dangerous staffing levels.

    The above description aims to give the reader an insight into why i feel I must submit a posting preference within the next few days. Before I did my nurse training I was a contented CMT in a very busy field unit, and I am now wondering if it would be a good idea to head back to a field regiment as an RN.

    I am hoping to draw on the huge amount of experience of you fellow ARRSErs and will appreciate any advice you can give me, as the situation is becoming bleak. I don't think I can help prop up the NHS for much longer. I didn't know that by doing my nurse training I would be secretly transferred to the NHS!
  2. have u voiced your concerns to your heads of sheds? start there not much u can do on here and maybe all u'll get is flamed.

    the grass is always greener m8 and to be fair i know alot of out of work nurses that would give thier right arm to be in your position. maybe you should have a chat to your boss and see where it all stands in regards to hiring these out of work nurses or even try agency nurses.

    in everycase, try to resolve this issue and not make it worse for your friends by jumping ship because you find it hard. they wont thank you for it. ask them to help voice the issues.
    surley this wont be forever. it will settle again. just knuckle in bro and fight through. hero's always get the girls :p

  3. Welcome to the world some of us pesimistic, cynical arrsers have been harping on about in terms of MDHUs!

    we are there to keep the NHS going and are used as cheap labour, get used to it, as long as MDHUs are the main concept then thats what it will be like!

    Sorry matey but unless pigs fly, thats it for you!
  4. I take it the MDHU is your first post since qualifying

    in which case

    your next posting will be a field unit (no matter how much previous field experience you may have)
  5. Sorry you're having a crap time - that's what nursing can be like, and it is like for many of your colleagues up and down the country. I realise it's not what you expected training within the army. PTM and Bedpan2zero point out quite rightly that, for you, it won't go on forever and that there are qualified RN's out there without work. Ok, maybe that's not much comfort now perhaps, but think on it.

    But for me your message got me thinking about the many crap times in my twenty odd years behind the bedpan and what kept me going. Partly it's been the odd bits of appreciation from whoever I've looked after, and partly it's been the craic with mates in the same situation. It is crap, it does feel awful but there is always a glimmer if you look and, I know this is a bit of cliché, but the experience can help you in the future - it's just a case of how you choose to see it.

    Good luck, hope the future has less imaginative face painting ['I'm just going to wipe your bottom', I said to one older woman once. 'And I'm just shitting in your 'and', she said. And she was!] and more satisfaction. Tough it out!
  6. keep a diary - and ensure that your chain of command are aware of what is going on. The diary is to back up your 'risk assessment' not a whines book.

    having recently talked to DANS - he is wanting to know where the problems are, and what they are.
    If we dont tell the top, the top doesnt know - and if 'we' the workers want things to change, then the top needs to know
  7. I to am an ex CMT (now nurse) on a field unit posting. Your experiences are by no means unique and the previous replies are correct.

    firstly document - for yourself and to create a paper trail for any investigation.

    a strong HOD is important as theoretically we are only supposed to provide a certain amount of clinical hours per week. by keeping a record there is more chance of something being done about it.

    If you are feeling this way then i can almost gaurentee that your military collegues are too.

    finally be realistic about what is expected of you - the job is totally different to being a student and the first few years are the worst. it is a cliche but also true - you will look back at these times and remember the good things. Learn the ropes before trying to jump to a field unit as you will need all the clinical experience you can get for when you deploy. :thumleft:
  8. excellent post, and it seems that that's all the QA's have to offer. I'd love to know the manning and retention figures for this corps, because on a day-to-day basis i only meet people with the same views as the original poster and arent going to "tough it out"
  9. Please PM me ASAP.
  10. rofl could this be a poacher in operation here lol

    i'm guessing the RAF are having the staff problems too.

    p.s why didnt you just pm him? or did you want your inbox spamming by every wise guy on the forum members list. lol
  11. how long has that been the case, other than deployment I was never posted to a field unit
  12. This is a new direction from the top. All newly qualled (of which I am one) are being sent to the field Army for their second post, this has come from both DANS and the NEA. My own personal opinion is it has to be a positive move and I am certainly looking forward to getting back into the "military"

    Wee man
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