I'm a dirty crowbag. Anyone want a belt?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ironrations, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. As the title suggests, I have one of the "for time served warriors" only Int Corps stable belts, and I'm too much of a crow to wear it going by dress regs.

    It's brand new, and I'll give half of whatever it's worth to H4H. Any offers?

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  2. No. That's one of the new nasty ones. Post 1975 or whatever.

    I give you bugger all for it. I spit.

    (But pm. I negotiate, like everyone, yes?)
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  3. I've got one of them which I swapped my old one for back in 1989. Oddly, it appears to have shrunk in length in the intervening years.
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  4. Being a transferee is more of a crime, but admitting your faults is the first step to change for the better! Out of curiosity, where did you get it? It looks brand new and I was told they weren't made anymore
  5. 'twas a purchase, came from Canada of all places from some ex-Corps type who was having a clear out.
  6. Where are the two leather buckles then?

    I'm confused
  7. I'm not that fat that I have to join two together.

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  8. Whhooooaaaaaaaaaar. Does it come complete with that issued carpet too?
  9. Please take it, it's gopping.
  10. Please do not feel short changed. The belts worn by those of your tribal origin, if my experience is typical, also shrink. There also appears to be indications of an exponential increase in shrinkage against time. I continue to try a determine if there is pseudo random linear sequence at work here.
  11. Even more strangely, the same phenomenon appears to affect mess kit as well. I can only conclude that Giant Shrinking Moths are to blame.
  12. Hmm, I suspect the award of Giant Sleeping Moth may be the trigger but I don't believe it can be directly attributed to diminution of associated assets.

    Perhaps the award of Giant Sleeping Moth is an indicator of early career progression.The subsequent promotion to supervisory and management roles depends on one's ability to remain within the restraining chrysalis. Hence, those born to progress will emerge from the chrysalis and fly free as.....umm.. now I am stuck. The rest will remain on the Lightside or in perpetual cycle of debate on ARRSE.
  13. I'll give you £30 for it 50/50 H4H and yourself. No I'm not going to wear it.
  14. As one whose career was a testament to slow and irregular progress through supervisory and management roles, finishing on a magnificent low point, I must take issue, here. It was quite apparent that bursting free of the restraining chrysalis was something common to all, with the exception of certain high-speed, low-drag Supervisors (R) - apparently now subsumed into the Yo-People, one gathers - most of whom are now doing good and useful work sleeping behind the skips around the back of the Keighley McDonalds.
  15. Sounds fair. You're not going to burn it are you?