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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by NumberFour, May 19, 2008.

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  1. I recently took an IQ test and discovered that I have an IQ of 117, which is apparently, above average. But how above average is it? How is the average calculated? Is it the average intelligence of, say, 100 people from Cumbria, which would make me a bit of a mong?
  2. i was always told IQ tests were generally bullsh1t....with scewed results depending on your socio economic background....or was that the 11plus?? i cant remember

    although if your from Cumbria your probs a biff anyway
  3. The fact that you can read and write puts you way above average :D
  4. Average is 100 so NO BIFF
  5. If you don't know how to calculate the average IQ of a population then you must be a biff.

    The average IQ of any population as a whole is, by definition, 100.

    Read in 5 columns!
  6. 130+ -- Genius/gifted level (2% of population)

    115 - 129 -- Bright/superior level (16% of population)

    101 - 114 -- High average level (32% of population)

    85 - 100 -- Low average level (32% of population)

    71 - 84 -- Borderline level (16% of population)

    70 and below -- intellectually challenged (mentally retarded) level (2% of population)

    If you took the test online then I wouldn't place much stock in it.
  7. I've done a few IQ tests in the past with scores ranging from 115 to 137.

    I'm far from gifted/genius and certainly not superior level, I'm ordinary with a bog standard school education and 30+ years of life skills.

    Believing an IQ test online is a bit like replying to 1 of those emails that inform you of your lottery win in Nigeria......
  8. IQ tests are a brilliant way of finding out how good someone is at taking IQ tests.

    I'm 120ish, depending on which test. I'm a complete fucking mong though so it's not a great indicator.
  9. When I took mine it was marked as 120, but that was at school.

    Now years down the line after having moved around different countries and sampling the local alcohol - Herforder Pils & Warsteiner in Germany, Paddy & Bushmills in NI - I think I'm down to about 20 now!!

    IMHO common sense and a sense of humour is what is needed. :D
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I generally average around 139. When I actually pay for the I.Q. test, it comes out at 136.

    Which is very strange indeed considering I only got 2 grade C GSCE's, the rest being D's, E's and a couple of F's; didn't do 'A' levels, degrees.

    I am however, a company director.

    One of my previous employers was an industrial printing and design company that had loads of blue-chip companies as clients. The MD of this company (which turned approx. £8m per annum in 1995) could not read or write because he was badly dyslexic! I sh!t you not!

    Just goes to show, I.Q. test, quality education or not, one can still make loads of wedge.
  11. On the proper one we did at school i got 154, a few others i got mid 90's, normally get bout 120 though, They are total shite though, You could be the smartest cnut in the world but without common sense you about as much use as a bit of gone off sponge cake.

  12. Can i sign up for that online!!??!?? :wink:
  13. Not a great believer in IQ tests of any variety.
    I score between 131 and 139 depending on how bored I get half way through.
    So by the definitions in a post above I should be a Proffesor of something clever and interesting, in actual fact I drive a delivery van for a living these days.....

    Obviously I'm just an unrecognised genius, or maybe I'm just a lizy git who cant stand being around people so I hide in a van on my own all my working hours. As far as I can see a good IQ score generally means feck all.

    Editted because my apparent genius doesn't extend to spelling skills
  14. Same, I get around 136-139 usually, but it shows absolutely nothing!
  15. I like the way you think
    ref my post :D :D