Im a cnut....apparently

OK...this came about today as I was in Currys buying a new TV, as mine decided to stop working 1 month the wrong side of the 12 month warranty. :x

I walk in with wife and sprog and decided on nice shiny TV which is big enough to watch the rugby on come the world cup. (can't watch porn on it mind, there's something quite wrong about a cnut that's 2ft across).

Anyway, I decided I'm gonna have a go at haggling like what they tell you to do all the time. So I start saying what can he do on the price and it might mean the difference between a sale or not and he tootles off to check. Well I turn round and the wife and sprog have exfil'd leaving me on my tod.

Anyway after he came back and we agreed on a price for the TV he helped me with a microwave oven, the wife blew ours up this morning trying to cook tinned beans...thick cnut.

I swear, by this point the guy is visibly shaking and to be fair I'm taking some pleasure from this. He turns wrong and walks straight in to the fridge and I'm nearly crying with laughter. By now the wife and co have returned looking embarrassed and I'm being called all the fatherlesses going.

The guy was glad when I paid and fcuked off although I did have to tell him he wasn't having my home phone number, mobile number or email address. 'But I need to put them in the system' he said. 'I don't want the unsolicited emails and phone calls' I said.

To be honest I was being a bit cnutish on purpose...I hate shopping especially on Saturdays when I could be watching rugby.

SO the question is this....are you also a cnut for 'abusing' shop staff and if so for what reason.
Nowt wrong with a bit of haggling mate well done.and no you ain,t a cnut for doing it more power to your haggling. enjoy the new telly.
hedgie said:
how much did your haggling save you

money to spend on

the very people who ran away
I saved myself 10% or £70. Microwave was sqaured away for nowt realistically and I pocket the rest. Happy days.

The missus has defiled the TV by watching that Joseph shite whilst I was squaring away some admin upstairs. I'' have to offset that now by watching Mythbusters or something else with lots of explosions...Brainiac might just be the answer (in the absence of Top Gear).
brettarider said:
Should have got your TV from digital direct much cheaper than rip off Currys
Funny enough... I did look at that site the other night....only thing is who I'm supposed to upset\haggle with then :wink: .
My favourite was the time in Comet the guy was sure he had a sale, and then after he gave me the whole "you MUST have an extended warrenty" spiel, I turned around, said "If the break-down cover is so essential the fridge must be crap" and walked out.

Mrs coming behind me said the guy nearly cried!
Haggle over everything you buy and majority of times you'll get some kind of discount. Have you seen that program on TV Dont get done get Dom about saving money watched it on BBC1 in the morning whilst on leave. If you get a smarmy spotty geek who tries to sell you something speilword for word from the manual just fcuk him off. :twisted:

Will remember the warranty sketch for next time Flamingo :D
nice one chemystery but if your tv goosed after thirteen months you should have complained, by law any item is supposed to last a 'reasonable ' length of time ie usually at least five years for most tv's, I always make a point of tryin to blagg as much gear as I can off all sales staff, my laptop was £400 got him to throw in wifi kit and carry case set of leads and stuff for the price £150 worth of kit for free in effect, ALWAYS COMPLAIN even over small stuff it does pay off!
Well done on the haggling.

There are several purposes behind the home address; the first is for a valid warranty (contact address) and the second because if you buy a tv/vcr the information is sent to the tv license people to cross-check tvs against licenses!

However, 6 months to a year you would be sent mail about extending your warranty + other crap.

Remember most salesman are on crap pay and depend on commission for their livelihoods and sales for their job! (6 years ago I was in sales, my basic pay was £3.24 an hour).

Oh, and 2 foot cnut??? That's Dale when she's got her legs closed...


If you buy from Currys, Dixons, PC world (all the same company) take out an extended warranty as you get a big discount normally. Get home with your new toy and cancel the warranty as you have 7 days to do this by law. Hate that company as if after 28 days it breaks they dont replace it or refund you , they send it back to be repaired. Better off going to Costco as tey have a no quibble refund policy and free 3 year warranty on most electrical appliances.
When I bought my car last year I got the fooker down 12% off the marked price.

Brand new 307 HDI 136. Was 15, 800 new on the list price and got it for 14,000... Also got the scotch guard cover for interior and exterior thrown in too.

Which was nice!

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