Im a celebrity - Janice Dickinson

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_0ne, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. I know shes old and likes the old cosmetic surgery but i'd still knock her hip back in.

    Anyone else think shes pure filth?

    Heres her version of twelve days of xmas

    She aint shy

  2. fanny like a snap purse but yep see where your going with that..
  3. Course she'd get back scuttled, but I'm waiting for some soapy tit wank action from Gemma....I'd use her sh*t for toothpaste !!!
  4. She's 53??????

    Pretty in her day but that gob on her would have me punching her before I could get wood
  5. smash her face in the pillow and do her up the arrse with no vaseline

    she loves it :)
  6. How about Gemma and Janice soaping it up together.... :? :twisted:

    Admitally, Dickinson has a gob like an inebriated biff at chucking out time, a little part of me invisions dirty bum love while she discusses how great she thinks she is.

    But the other part of me (90%) would be happy to see her fed to the pigs.

    On the other hand, Gemma I would eat poo from your shoe for a sniff of your badly packed kebab.
  7. Mutton dressed as mutton, IMO.

    Just my type...
  8. she'd still get it
  9. I bet it ain't that badly packed!
  10. You perverts!
    I'm not a cradle snatcher, so no thanks. Another 10 years and I may show some interest.
  11. Not if I got to her first! :twisted:

    I loved it when Gemma said she did'nt want the other contestants to "Look down on me."

    Oh, darlin' - I think I speak for every man(and a few women)when I say I'd LOVE to look down on you...either your face or the back of your head... :blowkiss: :twisted:
  12. I don't think I'd do myself justice....
  13. Janice will not be getting a dicking from me my son! (Do you see what I did there?) I would rather pull Lynne Franks legs up over her head and then go in through her back doors squealing like a rutting boar. So SOPs really...although when I say rather I mean because Gemma would spurn me with a look.

    Cerys Matthews, Welsh or not, has gorgeous waps and I think I may have to involve her and Anna R-R in some from of three-way scenario, possibly involving the eels which so freaked out Dickinson and then again possibly involving a lot of huffing and a premature SOPs once again really.