I'm A Celebrity Get Me out Of Here.

I'm going to watch this. Well actually, I'm going to watch Helen Flanagan's tits and arse.

With the sound turned down
I imagine that Colin Baker, ex Dr Who, will eat any animal or insect, part or whole, that they try to force upon him, tip upon him or bury him in. He's a right fat knacker.
I was somewhat amazed to see the fatness of Colin Baker. I still like him though.

Nadine Dorries is more attractive (physically) than I thought she would be. I am so looking forward to the public making her do every trial going.

I've never heard of most of the youngsters. But I appreciate the female eye candy.

I think I may be watching this series!
More soapy shots

How I would to personally find out if that clunge tat can be licked off

Very nice. However, the biggest fanny in the show has to be that nonentity from some Chelsea reality show I have never heard of - what a puff! I reckon if Nadine wasn't there, he would be getting the daily vote from the nation's sadists. As it stands, it is pretty obvious Nadine will suffer a daily trial until such time as the public gets tired of her whiny voice and she becomes the first "celebrity" to be booted off. Strangely addictive, even with the two Geordie midgets at the steering wheel.

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