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thegimp said:
:D some one has to start the thread.

I'd bang sam fox and that grime bird Kim

No outrage in sight, excellent
In August 2009, Samantha Fox announced her plans to have a civil partnership with her long term girlfriend and manager, Myra Stratton.

Good luck joining in that party! And after all the posters and stuff i bought in the 80's!
I've loved this programme in the past, but think I am going to struggle this year. I only know about 50% of the so-called celebrities. That big cleaning lady is annoying the hell out of me.
I thought Jordan had had a breast reduction operation this year?!
Brassneck said:
Wonder who's going to father Price's kids in this jungle tour , God it must be like chucking a sausage down fleet street
"So is there any tred left on the old tyres, or at this point would it be like throwing a hotdog up an elevator shaft?"

- Stewie Griffen, Family Guy. 8O :lol:

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