Im 30, Can i Enlist as a Fulltime soldier

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ColdRed, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    Im sure this has been asked many many times and apologies for not making better use of the serach function.


    Im 30 and have been thinking about joining as a regular soldier, am i too old to do this now? i read that at a certain age 30+ that it can only be for a specialist post. Will i still be able to enlist or have i missed the boat?

    thank you.
  2. Nope... Enjoy!
  3. on the job briefs i was given by the afco it says on all of them max age 27. but im not sure. i think your better off going to your local afco and asking them?
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't that geezer who wrote 'Squaddie' - Mcauley something - join the Green Jackets at 31? With the way we are desperately poking around the old colonies for waifs and strays to prop up our creaking machine, I think 30 is doable.
  5. Yes you can, there are trades you can join upto 33. But can i ask why join so late out of curiosity?

    Go here anyway and see what trade you think suites you! :)

    Army Jobs Homepage

    Edit: Thats the same link above btw, slow typer me :crash: :p
  6. Ive had a pretty clear career path untill a couple of years but knew its not what i really wanted to do and have always thought about joining the military. Never really sat down and thought about it untill recently and its something i really want to do. Im really only interested in infantry, i dont want to join for a trade.
  7. Yes you can, now upto 33! But why would you want to put yourself into the same pool as 17,18,19 year olds? My friend, if you have a good civi job, keep it...Try the TA maybe?
  8. What about going in as an officer ColdRed?
  9. If all else fails and you're desperate to get a little soldiering under your belt, you can join the FFL up to age 40.
  10. Well if you can put up with the sprogs, which you must have given some prior thought aswell, id say go for it, but maybe TA could be a good compromise if your supporting family etc. I would suggest that you think about a trade with a combat support role though, you wouldnt have be in a class room for too long and you'd pick up some decent quals on the way.
  11. When I did selection in June, there was a guy who was 32 going for paras. He passed everything and even had a good run time, but it wasnt the required time for the paras so he chose to go back another time.
  12. Did some adventure training in wales a few weeks ago for an army insight and this 30 year old bloke was there from Ghana. When asked why he was joining so late, he said it was so he could stay in the country! :D Fair play to him though right, at least he doing something worthwhile to stay here, but i digress.
  13. I think that's more than a little harsh considering the loyalty and devotion to duty shown by many Commonwealth soldiers. I Understand what you meant but you've put it rather badly and I'm sure you didn't mean to cause any offence to the many loyal service personnel who have travelled from far and wide to defend the Crown against the infidel.
  14. TA up to 43, Short Range Desert Group up till 50! (55 with previous military experience :omfg: !)