im 27 looking to join the royal artillery, is that too old?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jamie_gee, May 30, 2010.

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  1. hi peeps, looking to join the RA, iv just turnt 27, do you feel thats too old to join up? i was thinking even if i completed a minimum of 4 years then i would leave at 31... i just dont know where that would leave me? prospects wise? any advice would be hugely appreciated. cheers.
  2. It's not unheard of, so long as you are on top of your fitness everything will be the same as anyone else, however you could become a bit of a father figure in training if you are that sort of person
  3. Not old at all. You've got until 33 anyway. I know one lad in the RA who joined at 29. He was a WO2 10 years later.
  4. 26 And joinging paras. so not to old. Well i hope not any way
  5. 31 and joining up soon.If your too old mate then i've flippin blown it. :D.As they say many of good tune played on a old fiddle.To be fair mate the fitness standards are not that difficult to meet.Just a little dedication and commitment and you will be as fit as a fiddle. :D
  6. Im 28. Ill be 29 december i start phase one on 22nd august so i dont think 27 is to old. As special case said as long as your fit enough it wont be a problem.
  7. im 27 and start basic 11 days before my 28th birthday.
  8. Not too old at all, I'm 26 and applying for PARA Reg
  9. I'm 28 and joining the 26th sept for the royal engineer and I know of one other lad that's 32 so you ain't old at all
  10. I'm 28 and haven't even gotten to ADSC yet...if you're too old we're all bolloxed :)
  11. So there it is there's loads of us, we should start a club or gang or FB group. Fukk it there should be an oldies mess and naafi just for us special (not really old) fella's.

    Are there any charities that will help us??

    We should definatly get get paid more, what with our extra life experience.

  12. Ha ha i like it killer bees, dont think we will get our own section on here but hey we could always make a thread just for us mid 20's and up who are awaiting our start to phase one :D im sure it would get hijacked but who gives a shit
  13. Just by the way,

    As you get older you may lose a bit of speed but your stamina increases as does the ability to carry weight. So its not all bad
  14. I'm 26 and nearly finished at catterick, my age hasn't hindered me it has been a posotive.
  15. Hi there, I'm new here but just thought I'd mention that on my Pre-ADSC our Fitness instructor told us he joined the army at 25. I've met people going for the Para's at 26+ Also a guy who was 31 going infantry.