I'm 16, but to get into Harrogate I need to drop muscle weight.. (DESCRIPT.)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JoeProsser94, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. I was just wondering if at 16, I could actually apply for adult entry instead of going to AFC Harrogate and going to Catterick when I turn 17 instead..

    Any ideas??

    I don't want to lose muscle weight, I mean, who wants to do that lol hard work, for nothing.
  2. You can wait until you are old enough for adult entry. But aren't the standards the same? Would you be putting off the inevitable? Harrogate is a brilliant start to your career, so if you have the option, I would go for that. You can bulk up again once you are in.

    Sounds crazy, but there you go.
  3. Without sounding too inflammatory, Harrogate is by far better a choice than waiting to an adult intake.

    I did the old Juniors rather than wait and join as an adult, and it was a far better decision IMO. Because the training is spread out, there's more time to learn other aspects of the military that the adults via an ATR won't have time for.

    Get in asap, soak it all up and enjoy.
  4. Adult entry is from 17 years of age, I take it your starting year 11 from the fact you have starting app in feb in the bottom box?? As said though the BMI standards arent any different on upper limits only slightly different on lower limits of BMI for JE. If your around 27 or above on BMI then it doesnt matter if your JE or SE entry you need to lose some weight. Speak to the ACIO who can have a better idea when they can see all the facts better but from what youve mentioned get into the correct BMI requirement.

    The only thing I would point out what ever you decide to do and that was your final comment.

    "I don't want to lose muscle weight, I mean, who wants to do that lol hard work, for nothing"

    Its going to be extremely hard work to get to the required fitness, maturity and confidence levels firstly to pass ADSC and then to pass Basic training so if you need to be in the right frame of mind from the start.
  5. Well, I asked my recruiter and he said that the adult entry BMI is from 17-32 instead of 17-27.
    And I'm not lazy or anything, I do all my running a lot of the time...
    And I don't think it's really gonna' be that easy for me to lose 4KG and go to selection by the time of January.. and no, I'm 16 and I've left school, but I didn't know if I could give my application in for adult entry at this age.

    I think I'm best off contacting my recruiting office.
  6. You are 16, I would love to see how much muscle mass you carry. How much do you actually weigh? Also I remember reading somewhere that you have trained for... 2 years? Pics?
  7. Adult entry, body circumference needs to be below 94 & 96cm for 28-30 & 30-32 BMI respectively.

    When I was at Glencorse ADSC I was chatting with an under-18 who was deferred as his BMI just exceeded 27 & he looked in better physical shape than a lot of the adult entrants there.

    You'd be surprised. I played a decent level of under-17s rugby for 2 years & the size of some of the forwards made you wonder what they were being fed at home!
  8. BMI is a good guide but shouldn't be used as a rule. Like all "normal distribution" based measures, there will be those below and above the cut-off who are not fat-fat or skinny-thin.
  9. Please keep this PG. this is not an under age dating site. Isnt there a register you need to go and sign
  10. Ok Joe Im going on the fact that your only 16....any one under the age of 18 the BMI limit is set in stone and you cannot go through the process unless your BMI is between 17-27 ( no exceptions).

    If your over 18 then the limit is 18-28 if you are between 28-32 on very strict rules they may look at your body fat measurements and as long as your waist is under 90cm (approx 35 inches) they may consider you. This is all up to the medical staff but realistacally speaking muscular on top and slimmish waist.

    I was answering your question at your age which is if your above 27 you need to lose weight to enable you to proceed. And by the way this is fact from the ADSC Medical staff.
  11. I will see it when I believe it... I dont know a single Powerlifter or bodybuilder who is so "jacked!" below the age of 20 that competes in said sports that could not pass ADSC with a little bit of effort put into fat loss.
  12. Calm down boy wonder, I'm not perving on the young lad.
  13. im sure your not.
  14. Two words spring to mind.............." PURPLE AKI "
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