Illness + Phase 1

Hey everyone,

Caught a cold around New Year and it swiftly developed into flu yadda yadda, and now I've got this fcuking chest infection and am drugged up on antibiotics from the doctors.

Now I go off for my Phase 1 on 4th February but I'm concerned about whether they'll let me in or not because of this chest infection. I'm hoping it'll have cleared up by the time I go but if not will they delay my phase 1 start date?

Any help would be appreciated,

-- Cable.

Or I guess I could just go in to my ACIO, but its 3:32am and I have a chainsaw in my throat -_-
It should have cleared by then. Shouldn't stop you starting your phase 1. I can't see any reason to inform your ACIO, it's not as if you're going to drop!
Yeah, antibiotics are pretty fast at clearing chest infections, I had one for months before I got antibiotics then it was gone in a few days.
well, the only reason why you wouldent be allowed. Is because when your ill it puts extra strain on your heart and with the added strain of intence training it might be a problem. But saying that ive never died when ive trained when ill so just ask your recuiter. Sorry for being no help what so ever

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