Illicite substances in civ-div

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. There has been great play of late (especially in the 'mercan press) about how former servicemen\women are more succeptable or at risk from alcohol\drug abuse.
    I'm just wondering how many here have partaken in certain 'recreational activities' since departing the shackles of government service?
    Many here have hinted at or have directly stated that one of the first things they did as a civvy was take certain drugs. Has anyone here done so since leaving?
    Incedentally, I have and make no bones about it, in fact pot smoking in civvy street is more wide spread than most would have you belive.
  2. I teach Drugs Awareness to licensees and I can vouch for how very common drug taking is (including amongst my own friends). Still a bloody stupid thing to do though.
  3. The flip side of the coin (I have never taken anything apart from pot) is that is drinking a bottle of cheap Spar vodka a night any different?
  4. I never knew this either

    I particularly like this bit

    I wonder how bad it will get once all these tours start to get to people.
  5. I know there is already a low opinion of reserve units, but I would guess that there is a much more use of illicit substances among TA troops, in my experience this is the case, anyone know any stats?
  6. yes there is a difference.

    drinking cheap spar vodka is not illegal!
  7. The production, selling and consumption are also controlled - because, legally, alcohol is also classified as a drug. What you will be done under is the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 - note the word Misuse. Most of the Class A drugs (the baddies - LSD, Cocaine, Heroin, Crack cocaine and now Ecstasy) and some of the Class Bs and Cs have medicinal derivatives. The prescribed drugs that are abused (eg tranquilisers and steroids), will bring you a prosecution if you supply them or have them without a presrciption.

    All of this is not to prevent you having a good time, but because these substances can be lethal in very small doses. Their production is not controlled and you have no idea what is in that substance you've just ingested. Pure heroin is white - the brown crap you inject is brown because it's got brick dust, gravy powder and anything else they swept up off their garage floor whilst they were making it.

    The use of cocaine is the biggest cause of chest pains for those admitted to A&E under the age of 50 - it not only affects your lungs, it damages your heart.

    The average price of E is just under £3 a tablet - but you don't know what's in that tablet, and you don't know how your system will respond to it.

    The cannabis I tried when I was 17 (gave me a stonking headache, made me feel sick and gave me a sore throat - didn't bother with it again) was a lot less potent than that which is commonly smoked now.

    Nothing, but nothing, is without it's risks (including alcohol - there are 10 times more people who have a drink problem than are registered Class A users) - but with alcohol, the risks are known and can be measured (in units of alcohol, in case you're wondering - that's why there are 'safe' limits). You have no idea where your cocaine came from or what has been mixed with your heoin, how strong your cannabis is or what's in your E tablet.

    It might also interest you to know that the age of the first time drug user is getting lower - a few years ago, it was one in a 100 11 year olds, one in 20 12 year olds and one in 5 14 year olds.
  8. prodigal- while i do not disagree with your statement in general, most of the specifics on price etc is a local thing!
    not quite totally true sometimes it is not white naturally!

    again that is region orientated, and also helps in getting funding from local DAT teams for A&E's!!
    the risks are calculated, not actually known as everyone's tolerance to alcohol is different. the 10 times more for alcohol figures derives from the fact that figures have been kept longer for alcohol abuse than drug abuse. and those figures are mostly for people wanting the help in the 1st place by being registered in either local authority/health area or alcohol/drugs service.
    those that dont think they need or dont want help is very difficult to number.
  9. Also can be "cut" with citric acid (Vit C powder) is just as white but not nice to inject. I wotked in a pharmacy for two years and have seen quite a few addicts buying all-sorts that can be used to cut heroin. Not nice!!

    It is quite rare for herion (street sold) to be pure white, he dealer may buy it as such but damnsure they're gonna cut it with something (brickdust, paint powder, Vit C, Gravy) before they sell it. Makes them more of a profit.

    One addict came in and asked for Vit C powder, the pharmacist refused to sell it to him (knowing what it was to be used for). So he got some "Vit C effervescent" tablets off the shelf. He was quite shocked when he was told that if he injected herion cut with them his blood would fiss and cause an air embolism in his brain.

    Lots of them know what they're doing but only a few can get the help needed.
  10. Several years ago we had a Sgt sent down for taking speed (to cope whith a huge workload, an overpowering boss and generally sh*t life which was getting sh*tter by the minute). I had to drive him to several preliminary disipline hearings and the things he was telling me was quite eye opening. He would tell me just how big the underground drugs scene was in the army and just how high up some dealers are, such as para CSM's, RSM's getting speed for their guy's as it was the only way to keep going during some op's\excercises. They too would tell him about the RM having the same kind of problem. How true this all is I don't know, but I remember in the early 90's a huge amount of Green Jackets in Osnabruck getting busted, which proberbly gives some scope for estimating the scale of this.
    Forget Civ-Div; what bout all the illicit substances currently being taken at MCM Div...

    fcukin' space-cadets or what!?
  12. Four and a half years on and still feck all has been done. It's all been same old stories in receny press. :evil: :evil:
  13. I dont think this thread should be here, imho. sounds a little like someone fishing for a link between the armed services and drug/abuse. Suspicious non?
  14. My bold. As far as I am aware pilots in WW1 (and I think WW2 also??) were issued with an amphetamine called 'effadrine' for this very purpose, although I have no specific info on that.

    WHat a boost to recruiting it would be if that were the case now- 'Join up and get issued drugs!'.
  15. Most of the thread is over four and a half years old. (Jan 2004)