Illegals working at the Home Office!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if posted already. How many examples of irony can one spot?! Illegals working at the HO!

  2. Latest news is that they were arrested as they turned up for work on their first day - damage limitation methinks
  3. nothing surprises me anymore
  4. It looks good getting some sacrifical lambs for the slaughter...........that is if they really deport them and don't let them go again 8O

    Bless the government.......we think of a joke then put it in public office :lol: :lol:

  5. The other surprising aspect to this is it seems they weren't being exploited for below the minimum wage - which is often the case with firms who are not deterred from operating above the law. It's time to stop branding immigrants as illegal, and above all to bring into line the dodgy employers who are 'legal' in name only, and a big part of the problem.

  6. So some guy who gets into the country by hanging on the bottom of a truck, bypasses all security and id checks and pays no tax/NI payments should be called what exactly?

    I do agree that firms that knowingly employ these "non registered workers" should be jumped on from a great height.
  7. I agree. We should stop branding them as illegal ........and start branding them with irons.
  8. Just a cleanup operation.
  9. Stevens right.......

    Lets call a spade a spade...........if they here illegaly.........then they are illegal immigrants.....end off.
    I get a bit fed up with the PC pink and fluffy brigade trying to give these urchins fancy names to disguise the facts.
    Until this poxy government truly realises its monumental c ock-up and does something positive that is tangerble to the law abiding, tax paying citizens of this country.....f*ckall with change and we will continue down the tubes............

    Merely jumping on these firms from a great height, wont stem the flow of illegals into the have to change the system that lets them in and the system thats supports them...............
  10. Yes we must tackle the companies that willingly use illegal immigrants as cheap labour, but lets not stop calling them 'illegal' as they ARE illegal (in that they came here and stay here against our immigration rules)
  11. A person who destroys their ID papers, claims to be a refugee from a war torn province or country but turns out to be from a safe one, someone who lives within the EU for a few years then decides to come to UK and claim asylum because the benefits are better, someone smuggled in by a people trafficker, all are in this country illegally and mainly for economic reasons.

    I do not blame anyone for seeking a better life for themselves, what I do blame is a system that has been out of control for over 20 years, under Tory and Labour, because any attempt to implement restrictions results in the 'R' word and all senior officials and MPs back off.

    As long ago as 1985 when I worked in DHSS as it was then, we had loads of people coming in and asking for NI numbers. Their passports were stamped 'visitor. Not allowed to work'. Instead of turning them away, we were told to forward their form with a photocopy of the passport to Newcastle. Newcastle assumed the applications had been vetted by the local office so issued the NI number. Result - instant access to the system. There are currently 4 million duplicate or bogus NI numbers in use, and no-one has a clue which are right or wrong.

    One of my mates wrote for his Pension forecast as he is nearing retirement, only to be told the NI number he had was a woman's. This has been on his payslip through 4 employers through
    16 years and his contributions have been paid, yet somewhere along the line the wrong NI got on his records. Where are the checks between Inland Revenue, etc. This guy is English, has worked all his life and that's the sort of c##k up you get. It took him 6 weeks with personal interviews, documents etc to PROVE who he was to sort his pension out, during which time he was treated with suspicion.

    What prospect to you hold out for the genuine crooks and illegals of being found? :roll:
  12. Maybe we should be looking at politicians and check to see if THEY are illegal asylum seekers working in the governement.
  13. Not as far fetched as you might think. The Dutch government have just outed an MP as an illegal/lying asylum seeker.
  14. I would have thought that having lost her credentials as a Dutch MP and been branded an illegal immigrant, this lady would not satisfy the strict immigration rules of uncle sam.
  15. Ah but she is rabidly anti-muslim, pro-feminist and of a nice ethinc mixture. Perfect for the talking heads in the US.