Illegals who scammed thousands from Brit soldiers jailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RRFHASBEEN, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. From today's Metro newspaper

    " Two illegal immigrants who scammed thousands of pounds from British soldiers in Iraq were jailed for four years yesterday.
    The pair plundered the bank accounts of Army personnel serving overseas, leaving their families at home unable to buy food or pay bills.
    Nigerian Omowale Adepoju, 21, used a false identity to return to Britain despite three removal orders while his half-brother, Abiodun, 23, opened accounts in soldiers' names.
    They bought stolen cheque books from another illegal immigrant, Abdul Malik, who allegedly used a false name to get a job at the BFPO, which let him handle diplomatic bags at heathrow Airport.
    The court heard that Malik went on the run after being freed on bail .........the value of the forged cheques was more than £120,000 although not all were cashed successfully. Judge Barrington Black described the case as 'reprehensible beyond comprehension'.
  2. Why is it always Nigerians? Do they not have anything better to do than sit around thinking up scams all day?
  3. Err...

  4. Does that not go with the old saying " if you shake hands with a nigerian check you watch, wallet are still on you"

    Stealing from soldiers is almost as bad as stealing from pensioners!

    Sorry to say but 10 years of labour and immigration controls! This is a total joke.
  5. Scamming is open to anybody. You can even get training LINK
  6. This really gets on my tits; when are banks, building societies, credit card companies and Amazon going to stop advertising whats in envelopes?

    The chances are if someone see's an envelope with Abbey written on it or a brown package with Amazon emblazened on there's a bloody good chance something valuable is going to be inside.

    Companies, wake up and smell the coffee - take your logo off the correspondence.
  7. I think what RFUK is refering to is that a large proportion of online/email based scams in the last five years have been perpetrated by Nigerian/West African criminals, I've certainly received countless emails asking for my account details to help release X billion from someone's dead uncles bank account in Lagos.
  8. If you see them "CUT THEIR THROATS![/size]

    :twisted: :twisted:
  9. I know I have better things to do. I'm Nigerian.
  10. My bold.

    so royal mail / BFPO did some good checks here before employing someone again :x
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Aaah, you got there before me!

    So we now employ foreign, illegal, scamming, criminal nationals to handle forces and diplomatic mail - gooood move. If they'd had their heads screwed on, they would have done something much smarter; employ Islamic extremists to guard our embassies, or even better, No. 10.

    It's ok to employ illegal immigrants to clean the Home Office after all!
  12. There is a saying in certain parts of Africa "If you can buy a Nigerian for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, you will be a wealthy man"!!
  13. :wink:
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Tee hee :D that looks like scam-bait to me.

    For a comprehensive view of this kind of thing, as per earlier threads, check out .

    Also, a good article on Wiki which goes into chapter and verse.

    Finally a dit from those well-known white supremacist US Federal Trade Commission:

    And, yes, ( sorry Race Relations wonks as I know this will give you palpitations) but if you ask the Metropolitan Police , the Serious Fraud Office or HM Treasury they will all tell you that YES the vast majority of these scams are perpetrated across Europe by Nigerian gangs......

    (ask any Ghanaian - they can't stand the tw4ts either, FWIW)

    Le Chevre
  15. Its not just cheque books. Banks and Credit Card Companies also send statements with account numbers in full, in the open post. Abbey also send out direct mailing in the same envelopes for other services knowing you will open the damn thing thinking it contains a statement!

    The tell us to avoid identity theft to shred things like statements and receipts, when often it is to late. If someone wants your Identity they can have it before the mail even gets you....